Factors in Truck Accidents

by James M. Hoffmann on Dec. 16, 2013

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Summary: Truck accidents involving smaller, passenger vehicles almost always result in serious injuries or death. Therefore, it is important to be away of the factors that play a role in truck accidents.

A 40 year old truck driver from Nebraska was killed in North West Missouri on November 2, 2013 in a single vehicle accident. According to Missouri highway patrol reports the man was driving his International tractor-trailer northwards on I-29 in Dearborn, when it drifted off the road and struck a tree. The truck driver was pronounced dead at the scene.

Witnesses said that the truck was carrying some wire products, however, officials refused to comment on the contents of the truck. Preliminary investigations have revealed that shifting load inside the trailer could have caused the accident.

Fortunately, the truck did not crash into another motor vehicle while it drifted off the road otherwise it could have led to more injuries or fatalities. Accidents like this are not uncommon in Missouri.

When a truck collides with a smaller motor vehicle it is almost certain to cause serious injuries to the occupants of the smaller vehicle. Therefore, it is important to understand the reasons that may trigger a truck accident so that you can avoid them. These factors can cause both single vehicle and multiple vehicle truck accidents.

Bad weather

Maneuvering a truck in rough weather conditions is extremely difficult. Rain, fog, and snow can make driving extremely difficult, and increase the risk of an accident.

Driver fatigue

Driver fatigue is one of the major factors that lead to truck accidents. Research shows that the drivers who have been driving for more than 8 hours at a stretch are more likely to cause an accident.

Inexperienced or unskilled driver

Research has revealed that young drivers are more likely to cause an accident as compared to older drivers. Young drivers with inadequate skills and experience cause the largest number of truck accidents.

Driving under influence

Driving any motor vehicle under influence multiplies the chances of a crash. DUI is the most common factor that causes accidents. It significantly affects a driver’s ability to see, hear, perceive threats and react in time.

Driving in low light

Driving at night time can be quite difficult. It is hard to judge a motor vehicle’s proximity and speed in low light. The highest percentage of truck accidents happen during night time.

Distracted driving

Federal law restricts truck drivers from using their mobile phones while driving. Texting, speaking over phone, or checking emails takes away the driver’s attention off the road, and increases the chances of a crash.


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