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by Matthew Willens on Dec. 28, 2015

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Summary: Following these tips can help you avoid being involved in a car accident caused by road rage.

Road rage leads to a number of accidents each year injuring many people and leaving many others dead. Road rage often leads to speeding, yelling, distraction and other risky behaviors that can further lead to a crash. To avoid these problems and reduce the risk of a Chicago car accident, you should follow these tips from a competent and experienced Willens Law Offices who knows car accidents.



Merge correctly: When you have to merge onto a freeway, you should check for any oncoming vehicles and then merge in a way that does not disrupt traffic. Both merging too quickly and hesitating too much can create traffic on the ramp and lead to a rear end collision.



Use signals properly: It is important to use your turn signal before turning or trying to change lanes. Unfortunately, many drivers fail to make this simple gesture and put others at risk. Your turn signal is the only way other drivers can know your intentions.


Do not stop abruptly at yellow light: On some roads, yellow lights last just a few seconds and it does not last long enough for the vehicle behind you to come to a complete stop. Stopping abruptly can lead to an accident. Make sure you keep an eye on the car behind you. If there is a car behind you, do not apply sudden brakes.



Match driver’s speed in the passing lane: when a vehicle enters a lane to make a pass, the idea is to complete the pass safely and get out of the passing lane quickly. Cars that drift along in the passing lane often irritate other drivers and may lead to car accidents.



Avoid tailgating: Following too closely can lead to a collision. One should leave extra room when driving in bad weather and around large vehicles such as trucks, because they take longer to come to a halt.



Do not change speeds often: The drivers who speed up and slow down too often are usually distracted drivers and are the ones who do not pay adequate attention to their speedometer. Such changes in speed can cause an accident if the other drivers are unable to keep up with the speed changes.

If you or someone close to you has been injured due to someone else’s bad driving, you could have a legal claim that can help get the financial compensation for you medical bills, lost income, property damage and other economic and non-economic damages. Speak with an Chicago car accident lawyer at Willens Law Offices in Chicago, IL to prove fault and fight for your rights as a car accident victim.  Call (312) 957-4166 for a free case evaluation.


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