Fiduciary Duties in Maryland Entitites (2005)

by Daniel S. Willard on Mar. 04, 2016

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Summary: A survey of fiduciary duties in Maryland entities (2005). The law has changed.


 Partnerships, LLCs and LLPs in Maryland:

Organization and Operation










No statutory fiduciary duties

Can provide in operating agreement


            Unless otherwise provided by law or its articles of organization, a limited liability company has the general powers, whether or not set forth in its articles of organization, to:

(13)          Indemnify and hold harmless any member, agent, or employee from and against any and all claims and demands,

except in the case of action or failure to act by the member, agent, or employee which constitutes

 willful misconduct or recklessness, and

subject to the standards and restrictions,

 if any, set forth in the articles of organization or operating agreement;

Common law obligation?

Securities law obligations of managers?




Fiduciary duty to partners


§ 9A-404.

(a)      The only fiduciary duties a partner owes to the partnership and the other partners are

the duty of loyalty and

the duty of care set forth in subsections (b) and (c) of this section.



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