Florida Nursing Home Worker Facing Charges in Financial Elder Abuse Case

by James O. Cunningham on Dec. 03, 2012

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Summary: A nursing home worker in police custody faces several charges in connection with stealing a credit card from one of her patients at the Indigo Palms assisted living facility in Maitland.

A nursing home worker in police custody faces several charges in connection with stealing a credit card from one of her patients at the Indigo Palms assisted living facility in Maitland. The woman is accused of using her position at the facility to steal from elderly patients. Police say that she broke into a patient’s room, stole her credit card and went on a shopping spree to buy clothing, office supplies, two cellphones and a family cellphone plan. Police report that she was still in her work scrubs when she was booked into jail.

Sgt. Louis Grindle of the Maitland Police Department told reporters that many family members of Indigo Palms residents were shocked to hear about the theft and arrest. He also said that a worker stealing from elderly residents is more common than people think it is.

"Family members place them in the care of these facilities and the facilities try to hire the best people that they think they have," said Sgt. Louis Grindle.

Sadly, some nursing home workers use their positions to commit financial elder abuse and other types of abuse. In many cases, the stealing continues for weeks or months before patients or their family members discover the theft.

Maitland police began their investigation after the person holding the victim’s power of attorney noticed $530 worth of charges and notified them about the suspicious purchases. When they interviewed the victim, she told police that she had no idea that anyone had been stealing from her. Using the purchase times on the credit card record, police checked surveillance tapes at a local Walmart and noticed the suspect in her work scrubs using the stolen card to make purchases. Armed with a warrant, police confronted the workers while she was working at Indigo Palms. They told reporters that, initially, the worker tried to flee to avoid arrest. When she was apprehended, she tried to place the blame for the theft on another worker.

Stealing from the elderly is one of the more common types of elder abuse. When someone is caught stealing from a patient, he or she is liable for the damages caused to victims in addition to criminal charges from law enforcement personnel. If you know or suspect that an elderly person is being abused in some way, contact your local police department as soon as possible. If you or a member of your family has suffered abuse and you want to explore your legal options, call Orlando elder abuse attorney James O. Cunningham today at 800-425-2004. Mr. Cunningham has law offices throughout Central Florida and will come to your assisted living facility for the consultation is necessary. He is an Orlando personal injury lawyer who is dedicated to helping victims of abuse receive the fair and just compensation they deserve. Call today to get his skills, experience and work ethic on your side!

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