Gathering Evidence from a Car Accident Scene

by Stewart J. Guss on Oct. 05, 2015

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Summary: A car accident lawyer will understand what is necessary for sufficient accident reconstruction in order to improve your chances of financial recovery.

Car accidents happen suddenly—often when you least expect it—and the time following a serious collision can be a blur. Law enforcement and emergency medical personnel generally arrive on the scene with flashing lights, traffic is often blocked, victims of the accident may be injured and/or emotional, and other high-stress circumstances may exist. However, it is vital that evidence be properly gathered from the scene to assist with any potential subsequent legal claims for injuries and losses.


The nature and severity of the damage to the vehicles is important to help determine what happened to cause the car accident. Unfortunately, law enforcement often have the vehicles towed away as soon as possible to resume the flow of traffic. It is important to take photos of the vehicles so an accident reconstruction specialist can analyze the respective damage.


Law enforcement officers often conduct some amount of investigation at the scene, especially if serious injuries occurred or if a driver is believed to have violated Houston traffic or criminal laws.1 They will often take photos, interview any witnesses, and more in order to complete their police reports and initiate any possible criminal investigations. While the evidence gathered by officers is often helpful, a civil lawsuit often requires more in order to adequately prove negligence2 and liability.


Whether or not you are able to remain on the scene or are transported to the emergency room, it is always a good idea to call an attorney who understands the types of evidence to gather at the accident scene. A car accident lawyer will understand what is necessary for sufficient accident reconstruction in order to improve your chances of financial recovery.


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