Hernia Mesh-Making a Mesh Out of People’s Lives

by Eric Alan Stamps on Aug. 20, 2021

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Summary: Hernia mesh is suppose to help people with hernias get their lives back. Unfortunately, many mesh products are defective and cause people more harm than good. Additional surgeries to remove the defective mesh or revise the defective mesh are needed.

                        Hernia Mesh-Making a Mesh Out of People’s Lives

1. What is Hernia Mesh?  
Hernia mesh is a surgical implant. Usually, it is a synthetic plastic called polypropylene. The mesh is used to reinforce torn or damaged tissue around hernias. The mesh is also suppose to strengthens the area as it heals.

2.  How common are hernia meshes? 
It is used in about 90 % of hernia repair surgeries in the U.S. 


3.  What are the signs/symptoms of a hernia mesh gone wrong?  
Hernia mesh may prevent a hernia from recurring, but it can also cause serious complications. There may be a problem with your hernia mesh if you are experiencing pain, warmth in the area of the mesh, swelling, tenderness, or infection. If you required a to have the mesh removed or a revision of the mesh, it is likely you have a valid claim.

4. What are the main manufactures of failed hernia mesh?  
A. Atrium
B. Bard
C. Covidien
D. Ethicon

5. When to contact us if you have had a hernia mesh?  
Most contact us when they have had an additional surgery either to remove the mesh or revise it. Some contact us when the above symptoms start and we send them to their doctors for the medical care they need and they contact us again after seeking follow up medical care. Your health is the most important component. 

6. What are the requirements of the injured party/family? 
Cooperation. Most of the work is handled by the legal team. The individual or family usually has little time devoted to the case. The legal team handles the case so you can focus your time on treatment and doing what you love.  


7. What damages am I seeking?
Medical cost, lost wages, pain and suffering, etc.  

8. Do these cases generally settle or do most go to trial?  
Most settle. 
The manufacturers usually understand the vast cost of having thousands of trial and jury verdicts so they want to reach a settlement. 

9. If I can’t afford to pay a lawyer, will you still help me?  
Of course. We are here to help people and our fees are based upon winning for you and your family. When you collect, we get paid.  


10. What sets your firm apart in handling these cases? 
Compassion and knowledge. 
We care about each client and family. We will turn over every stone looking for the best outcome for you and your family. You can be confident you’re in good hands.  

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