How Can I Apply for Social Security Disability Benefits?

by Bill B. Berke on Jul. 29, 2020

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Summary: Do you know how to apply for disability benefits and minimize the chances of your application being denied? It is a wise choice to consult a Social Security Disability Attorney so they can assist you through the process.

How Can I Apply for Social Security Disability Benefits? 


All people are susceptible to aging, along with the unfortunate consequences that come along with it, like increased susceptibility to disease and injury, as well as decreased overall function. Fortunately, people who lose their ability to work and earn an income due to severe disabling conditions can apply for social security disability benefits. Apart from older people, the Social Security Administration (SSA) also grants disability benefits or financial compensation to younger individuals with medical conditions listed in or comparable to those listed in the SSA’s Blue Book.


Types of Disability Benefit Programs


There are two primary types of disability programs that provide benefits to eligible individuals, both administered by the SSA. These programs are meant to assist people with disabilities who are unable to earn a paycheck due to their disabilities.  Either a mental or physical condition may qualify someone for either of the disability benefits programs mentioned below.


Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI): The SSA grants SSDI to only those who have considerable years of work experience before being affected by severe disabilities and losing their ability to work.


Supplemental Security Income (SSI): This disability benefit program is designed as a monetary supplement for disabled or elderly individuals whose monthly income and assets are significantly low.


When Should I Apply for a Disability Benefit Program?


The disability benefits programs do not automatically give compensation to anyone experiencing mental or physical disability. To qualify, your case must fit several criteria. A Social Security Disability Attorney can evaluate your case with you and discuss with you the chances of your application getting approved, as well as which disability benefits program is the best fit for you. If the below-mentioned conditions apply to you, you may qualify for compensation through a disability benefits program. 


  • You are suffering from a severe mental or physical health condition

  • After conducting a diagnosis, doctors have told you that your medical condition will likely last for at least a year or more

  • You are unable to function productively at your workplace or earn an income due to the severity of your health condition


What are the key steps involved in a disability claim filing process?


The Social Security Administration allows disabled claimants to file their applications in person, by phone, or online. If you contact a disability attorney with years of practical experience, you may be able to shorten the wait times for your disability benefits process. Here are the crucial steps involved in the filing and processing of a disability claim application:


  • You need to collect substantial medical reports, necessary documents, and other information that is needed for applying for disability benefits

  • Fill out the disability application form accurately and completely with all the required information and submit it to the Social Security Administration

  • Once your application reaches the Social Security office, designated officials will review it thoroughly to ensure that:

    • Your condition meets the eligibility requirements for disability benefits, such as being debilitating enough that it stops you from finding other employment

    • You have worked for enough time and have paid enough social security tax on your income

  • Then, your application is processed and forwarded to the regional office of the Disability Determination Services, which is where the final decision on your application will be made


The SSA holds the complete responsibility of reviewing your case and making the decision to approve or deny the disability benefits application.


After your application is submitted, you must wait patiently for the SSA’s decision. If your disability claim is denied, you can appeal the denied claim within sixty days-- if you miss this deadline, you will have to file an entirely new application. In your appeal, you can request for any of the levels that include reconsideration, such as a hearing at court before an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ), a review by the Federal courts, and Social Security’s Appeals Council.


Social Security Disability Attorney Fort Myers can provide all the necessary insight about your disability case. To find out your chance of receiving benefits for your ailment, talk to experienced lawyers at the Berke Law Firm, P.A. and discuss your concerns. 

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