How Does Switching Attorneys Affect Your Personal Injury Claim?

by Marni F. Schlesinger on Dec. 16, 2021

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Summary: Let's discuss why you may consider switching attorneys and how it can affect your claim.

Some attorneys are more experienced than others. In addition, some are also dedicated to providing quality services while others may offer mediocre services.


If you have had a bad experience with your current New York personal injury attorney or are just not happy with the services they are providing, can you make a switch? If so, how will this affect your claim? Let's discuss the issue of switching attorneys mid-case and how it can affect your claim.



Why Do People Consider Changing Attorneys?


There are several reasons why people choose to change their attorney. Some include:


- You’re concerned about the lack of progress in your case

- Your attorney is never available to respond to your emails or calls

- You’re worried that the value of your claim has been underestimated and may not cover your future expenses

- You no longer trust your attorney or feel comfortable around them

- You disagree with the attorney on the best course for your case

- Your attorney is missing important deadlines, and they lack attention to detail

- Your attorney does not understand your case


If any of these sounds familiar, you are likely considering changing attorneys.


What Factors Should I Consider Before Switching Attorneys?


The process of switching your attorney is relatively straightforward. However, there are some factors you should consider, including the following:


How Far Along in the Process Are You with the First Attorney? First, you need to factor in the amount of work your first attorney has already completed. This way, you will arrange for the first attorney’s files to be sent to the new attorney. This can generally be done by you signing a form of authority. Once you sign the form of authority, the new attorney will usually take care of the rest.


Are There Outstanding Professional Fees?  If the first attorney has worked on your case, there is a possibility that you’ll have to pay them for the covered period. If you cannot complete the payments immediately, then the new attorney will generally provide a written agreement that the payments will be made once the case has been completed or some other specified date.



“How Do I Find the Right Attorney?”


The following tips will help you find the right attorney:

- Make sure the attorney is experienced and has handled cases similar to yours

- Hire an attorney who is willing to help you and respond to your questions

- Hire some who has several wins under their belt

- Make sure the attorney has a good reputation


Caution: Switching your case from one lawyer to another should only be done after you’re sure the change is necessary and will improve your chances of recovering compensation.



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