How Minor Injuries Can Prove

by Christopher Hoffmann on May. 29, 2014

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Summary: Car accidents can lead to many different types of injuries, some of which are minor requiring minimal treatment, and others severe that can render the victim disabled for the lifetime. Some injuries can even prove fatal.

However, minor the accident was, there still are chances that victims may start experiencing symptoms a few hours, days, or even months later following an automobile accident. They may experience symptoms such as pain or weakness in muscles or joints, and in severe cases, neurological symptoms including partial paralysis. In this post, we aim to shed light on minor injuries resulting from an accident. These injuries can have serious long term implications.


Pain is Not Always Noticed Immediately Following the Accident


In most minor car accidents, the vehicle sustains only little damage such as dents or scratches. The occupants of the vehicle might not receive direct injuries, but they often get jolted severely, and if they are wearing a seatbelt there are still chances that they may get injured with it while getting jostled. The moment the accident occurs, the driver and passengers experience an adrenaline rush that often keeps them from experiencing any minor pain or discomfort. However, as time passes, they may start experiencing pain in the affected area(s). Quite often, the stiffness or pain is experienced when the victim wakes up the next morning. 

In most such cases, the victims try to use home remedies or over the counter medicines to cure their pain or discomfort. They do not seek medical examination or treatment for the injuries, and this often leads to problems in the long run.


Seek Medical Attention


Even in case of minor injuries, the victim should seek medical attention and should document all injuries however minor they are. It is a good idea to get an X-Ray of the injury so as to adjudge its true severity. Also, the victim should click photographs of all visible injuries, and vehicle damage. These pictures may come in handy as an evidence of the cause, if the injury becomes severe in the long term.

It is also extremely important that you mention even the slightest of discomfort that you may be experiencing to your doctor. Documenting the injuries and symptoms is a vital way to safeguard your legal rights.


Contact a Car Accident Attorney


If you have suffered only minor injuries then you may not even think of making an insurance claim or filing a lawsuit, however, you should bear in mind that what is causing you just a minor pain today may turn into a debilitating injury tomorrow. So, watch out for any symptoms in the days following the accident and document all injuries and symptoms. Remember, you have only have a limited time frame to file a claim, so do not be complacent. Seek immediate medical attention and speak to an experienced car accident attorney in your area.

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