How Not To Destroy Your Serious Orlando Personal Injury Case

by Tina Willis Law - Orlando on May. 18, 2016

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Summary: Tips regarding how to get the most money from any car, truck or motorcycle accident, and how to avoid problem areas.

Four Biggest Pitfalls For Orlando Injury & Accident Victims

Many people who need an Orlando car accident lawyer have no idea how many pitfalls they need to avoid, to get the most money possible after any car, truck or motorcycle accident.  

The biggest problems are: (1) calling law firms who will never have a lawyer looking closely at the file; (2) speaking to insurance adjusters, including those from their own insurance company (especially when they have UM coverage); and (3) not getting medical treatment quickly enough (and not getting the right medical treatment even if they go right away to the doctor).

Most accident victims have absolutely no idea why those things could hurt you, or even destroy your case value entirely.  Your case value is far from being certain right after an accident.  So what YOU do next could make a big difference, particularly in serious or catastrophic injury cases, or deaths.

Pitfall #1: Hiring a law firm but not getting advice from a lawyer.  A lawyer needs to talk to you, to make sure there aren't any pieces of evidence that need to be gathered immediately, and to make sure any potential problems in the case are handled in the best way possible.  This is impossible unless you not only speak to a lawyer, but tell them what happened, and hear what they have to say.  If they are just trying to get you to sign, but not talking to you, in a serious injury case, then you have problems.  If you have an injury of unknown severity (like mild or moderate neck and back pain), then you still need a lawyer tell you enough not to hurt your case.  Then they can tell you more later, as needed, if your injuries persist or become more serious.

Pitfall #2: Talking to insurance adjusters, especially the nice ones.  Insurance adjusters do not have your best interests at heart.  This seems really obvious but many people believe they can talk to an adjuster, and get the best information about how to handle their case.  I had someone who needed a Florida motorcycle crash attorney recently tell me that an adjuster told her that her's was the type of case that really didn't require a lawyer.  Ha!  Really?  Of course they are going to tell you not to call a lawyer.  They don't want your case value to climb way high before they can get you to sign a release, forever barring you from getting more.  They also want to get information to use against you later, just in case you ever call a lawyer.  You will never know all of the things that you could say to hurt your case. So just don't talk to them.

Pitfall #3: Not getting medical treatment quickly enough.  After any car, truck or motorcycle accident, the biggest fight often hinges on the severity of your injuries.  We prove those injuries through medical records.  There is a world of information about medical records, and how those affect injury cases, which clients can't possibly learn on their own.  But the bottom line is that you need PROMPT and THOROUGH medical evaluation, as well as ongoing treatment.  Orlando injury attorneys then use those records to prove the severity of your case.  Without the RIGHT medical records, your case could be worth far less than you should get, including zero for a higher value case if there is no treatment.

If you were injured in an auto accident in Orlando, or anywhere else in Florida, call former law professor and big firm defense attorney Tina Willis. If she is able to accept your case, she will tell you everything you need to know to get the most money possible for your injury case.  If you were SERIOUSLY injured, or lost a loved one, anywhere in the country, Ms. Willis may be able to help you find a lawyer who will give your case the attention it deserves.  (She cannot help those outside Florida find a lawyer unless the case involves serious or catastrophic injuries.)  Do not trust yourself to find the best billboard or television commercial ad.  Good lawyers know other good lawyers.

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