How to File for Child Support Modification in Georgia

by Diane Cherry on Apr. 17, 2012

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Summary: In most states, a support order is made based on the income of both parents, the child’s needs and other relevant matters. If there is a substantial change of circumstances … you lose your job, your ex-spouse has a significant wage increase, the existing order of child support can be modified.

Below are the steps normally involved in the modification of a support order.

Here’s how:

One must determine whether a change in circumstances has occurred in order to request a modification. In most states modifying a support order requires proof that the state of the parent has changed.  Whether it be job related or there has been a change in the situation of children.

For brief examples, maybe the child’s legal custodian has lost their job or if the child is now living with the other parent. The Court will have to agree that the change of circumstances is large enough to make the original support order no longer apply to the living situation.

Gather evidence and document any evidence that shows a change of circumstances has taken place. For example, if you have lost your job, get a statement from your previous employer. If your child is sick and now requires expensive medical care save copies of all of the medical bills.

Some courts use standardized forms for the modification of child support orders. Contact your local court or an attorney for more information. For example, sometimes the request is called a “petition” for the modification or a “movement” for modification, etc.

In addition, there may be forms needed to support the changes.  Such as an affidavit about financial affairs or financial balance sheet. Finally, you may need to submit several copies of your documents with the court.

Present the documents before the court. Some states have a general court for all civil actions, while other states have a separate family court.  Make sure you know that your submission for amendment is in the proper court.

If you request a modification yourself, it is your responsibility to provide copies of the motion or petition to the other parent and provide a copy to the clerk of the court. Talk with your court clerk for information about what to serve the other parent. Each district has its own rules regarding the proper method of serving a judicial motion or petition.

Complete and return a proof of service to the court clerk. A proof of service is a standard used in court, where the person completing the service attests that copies of court documents were, in fact, served to the other parent.


If the request for modification court pro se, it is always best to consult a lawyer to make sure you take appropriate action.
The courts will only consider “the best interest of the child.” If your motivation to apply for a modification of a child support order is to reduce the amount you pay or increase the amount you receive for personal gain, think twice before moving forward.

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