How to Hire a Lemon Law Attorney

by Aaron Fhima on Sep. 11, 2017

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Summary: If you live in California, you may be eligible for a replacement or a refund. Otherwise known as the Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act, California's lemon law mandates that manufacturers replace or refund consumers for defective vehicles after the purchaser attempts a reasonable number of repairs.

Have you purchased a new vehicle with a major defect? If you live in California, you may be eligible for a replacement or a refund. Otherwise known as the Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act, California's lemon law mandates that manufacturers replace or refund consumers for defective vehicles after the purchaser attempts a reasonable number of repairs. Some manufacturers may fail to comply with the Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act, but with an attorney's help, it's possible to hold them accountable.

Why Work with a Lemon Law Lawyer?

Going into litigation without an attorney will certainly put the consumer at a disadvantage. For a consumer, litigation is often unfamiliar territory. Manufacturers, on the other hand, have legal teams dedicated to gaining favorable terms in litigation.

A skilled attorney can help you reach a more favorable settlement while shouldering the burden of the stressful claims process. Manufacturers must cover your court costs and attorney fees if they lose the case, but some lemon law attorneys cover these expenses if the manufacturer wins. In other words, there is little risk and much to gain when teaming up with a reputable attorney.

Signs of a Quality Lemon Law Attorney


An ideal lemon law attorney will respond quickly to client requests for information via phone, email, or in person. Having an attorney that is responsive and attentive to your needs is extremely important, not only for a client’s peace of mind, but also for the success of a claim.

Thorough and Detail-Oriented

When preparing for a claim, lemon law attorneys conduct a thorough investigation. An attorney must explore every possible avenue, including retrieving documents from mechanics, records of vehicle problems and depositions, if necessary. A thorough, detail-oriented attorney can find valuable evidence in the discovery process to use as leverage that they can present during a settlement or in court.


A skilled lemon law attorney understands the mindset of a manufacturer’s legal team. Attorneys anticipate what the other side will do and they use their experience and expertise to predict which approach will be the most effective for their client. A good lemon law lawyer knows that each case is different, and they cater their approach to meet the demands of their clients.


Clients need an attorney that is assertive in all stages of a claim. If an attorney establishes a presence in the early stages of a claim, manufacturers will often take notice and the matter can be resolved before litigation is necessary. For example, if an attorney presents a strong initial demand letter, it can have a big impact on a claim; a strongly-worded letter can convince the manufacturer can prove that a claim will be successful in litigation, paving the path to a quick and favorable settlement. 

Finding the Right Attorney

A strong legal team can make all the difference in a challenging California lemon law claim. It is critical that you vet all prospective attorneys during your search. Browse different attorneys’ websites to determine candidates' background in lemon law. Client reviews offer excellent insight into communication style and legal approach.

Many attorneys offer free consultations. If possible, schedule an in-person consultation to learn more about your attorney's communication style and approach to consumer law. During the consultation, ask about the attorney's experience, willingness to cover fees in the event of a disappointing verdict, and the likelihood of a favorable outcome for your case.

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