How to Increase Your Chances of Winning a Disability Claim

by David F. Chermol on Jul. 31, 2020

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Summary: Knowing the common errors to avoid can increase your chances of getting approved for Social Security disability benefits. Do not panic, just take every step carefully. Having an experienced attorney can help a lot!

How to Increase Your Chances of Winning a Disability Claim


The Social Security Administration receives numerous applicants for disability benefits every year, and this number has been steadily increasing. Unfortunately, merely applying for disability does not guarantee that your application will be approved. If you miss even a single criterion, there are chances that your application will be rejected. Before applying for a disability claim, it is important to know the reasons why your application might be rejected, so you can plan to avoid them. 


Here are some of the common reasons why Social Security Disability claims are denied:


  1. Lack of solid medical evidence – Many Social Security disability claims are denied because of a lack of medical evidence and records. To win approval, you must have medical records showing that your disabling medical condition interferes with your working ability. If your doctor has not documented that your disability affects your ability to work, your application may not be approved. You may also be denied if your condition is related to substance abuse. Another reason your application could be denied is if you did not follow the treatment plan prescribed by your physician. To give your application the best chance of approval, make sure that you have the proper medical records and documentation from your doctor that proves that your disability prevents you from working.

  2. Insufficient work history – To be eligible, you must have earned 40 credit points and have paid Social Security taxes via your paycheck for a certain amount of time. You will not receive Social Security disability benefits if you have not paid sufficient social security taxes. You must also be completely incapable of working with your condition. If you can still work, then there are chances that your application will be denied.

  3. Earning too much money – To qualify for disability benefits, the latest rules state that an individual must not earn more than $1,258 per month. Your income will only count the money you obtain from your job, not the money that you make from other investments. Your spouse’s income will also not affect your eligibility. If you are earning more than $1,258 per month, your application may be rejected. 

  4. Other non-medical reasons – The SSA considers various non-medical aspects as a part of eligibility criteria. One of these criteria is that you must be a citizen of the United States. Also, if you have committed a crime or been involved in fraudulent activities in the past, there are chances that your application will be rejected. 


Increasing your chances of winning a Disability Claim


Not all individuals who are from a medical condition are able to get disability benefits. Here are some of the ways to improve your chances of winning the disability claim. Keep these things in mind when applying for Social Security Disability Benefits. 

  1. Make sure your application is complete – Before applying for the benefits, gather all the documents that the application asks for. You should have medical records, treatment documents, job working history, taxes payroll receipts, and various other documents. You should also have your basic documents (if these apply to you) such as a birth certificate, marriage certificate, divorce details, and citizenship certificate. You can consult a Social Security Disability Lawyer to understand the documents required for the application. Ensuring that you have all the necessary documents with you before you start will make it easier to fully complete the application.

  2. Gather medical evidence – Before applying for Social Security benefits, you must gather your medical records. If you do not have complete papers, your application will be denied. Providing total records will also reduce the time it takes for your claim to be processed. 

When reviewing your request, the SSA will evaluate how you responded to the prescribed treatments suggested by your doctor. It is important to follow all recommended treatments suggested by your healthcare provider, like any medications or surgeries they have prescribed. If you do not follow your doctor’s plan, your application may be rejected. Therefore, you should follow all the procedures and prescriptions suggested by your healthcare provider.

  1. Follow up and call for status updates – The SSA department receives millions of applications. If you have any questions, you should always contact the SSA department and ask for updates on your case. It is important to keep a close eye on your claim status, so you do not miss any deadlines. If you hire a lawyer, your lawyer will then handle and coordinate with the Social Security Office for you, so you do not have to worry about needing to keep up with your case. Your lawyer will keep up with your case and meet all the deadlines set by the Social Security Offices. 


Do not panic if your Social Security Disability Claim is denied


Many applications are denied benefits at the initial stage. Fortunately, you have the option to challenge a denial. However, you must file an appeal within a time frame of sixty days. If you miss this deadline, you will have to start the application process again from the beginning. Having an attorney at your side is helpful for situations like this because they will track your case and file necessary appeals within the prescribed deadlines. They can help you through each step of the process. Even if your case reaches the hearing stage, your attorney will represent you in court and assist you in getting your claim. 


If you are confused about your chances to receive disability benefits, then talking to an experienced social security disability lawyers in Philadelphia at Chermol & Fishman, LLC, can be a great help. We have decades of experience in this industry and can provide you with extended legal assistance. 


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