How To Know When It’s Time To Settle Your Motorcycle Accident Claim

by Randy Collins on Jan. 16, 2017

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Summary: Following a motorcycle accident, it is essential for you to have the proper information on how to negotiate the best settlement.

Following a motorcycle accident, it is essential for you to have the proper information on how to negotiate the best settlement. Typically, following an accident, the parties responsible for the crash have to determine the costs of medical expenses, unpaid wages, damages for suffering as well as additional expenses related to the crash.  

Numerous negotiations need to occur before settling on an agreeable deal. Parties that are involved in the negotiation process include the insurance companies as well as the perpetrator of the accident who is usually the driver at fault. Before negotiations proceed, your personal injury attorney will need to determine the total cost to be reimbursed depending on the extent to which the accident has affected your life.

Once the initial costs of damage are determined, the plaintiff typically discusses with the attorney whether or not to accept an initial offer to settle or whether to proceed with seeking greater damages.  Since each case is uniquely different, one can accept an offer to settle only if the terms listed are favorable to the case.  Please note that most cases are resolved out of court, and it just depends on the best course of action recommended by your attorney.

Cost analysis

When it comes to analyzing the cost, you should determine if the expense of a trial will end up siphoning money from you.  In San Diego, the motorcycle claim process takes time, and it tends to be expensive so individuals should weigh the cons and pros of engaging in a court proceeding.  If the costs of proceeding to trial outweigh the future recovery of the victim’s damages, then the best solution would be to settle.  

When you should not accept to settle

When the perpetrator of the accident refuses to negotiate and when the settlement offer is deemed unfair by your personal injury attorney, then it is the victim’s prerogative to refuse to settle.  For instance, when the victim is denied necessary compensation such as medical care, then the settlement is unfair, and it should not be accepted at any cost.  Additionally, as a victim, you are entitled to compensation resulting to lost wages and costs associated with one’s change of lifestyle.

Motorcycle accident lawyers

Cases involving motorcycle accidents can be incredibly daunting and complicated.  Without the skills or adequate knowledge, it is impossible to negotiate a favorable deal for yourself, which is why it is prudent to employ the services of a professional personal injury attorney.  Insurance companies and at-fault drivers tend to take advantage of the victims, and an attorney can handle all the challenges associated with such cases.

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