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by Jeff Harrington on Aug. 31, 2016

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Summary: If you already have a TN Visa, you may renew your stay for three years. In fact, there is no limit on how many three-year renewals you may obtain.

If you already have a TN Visa, you may renew your stay for three years.  In fact, there is no limit on how many three-year renewals you may obtain.

Here are the basic requirements:
  • lawfully admitted into the US with a nonimmigrant visa
  • visa status still valid
  • no history of crimes that would make you ineligible for a visa
  • no violations of the conditions of your visa
  • Your passport is valid and will remain valid for the duration of their stay

*Click here to learn about the initial requirements for obtaining a TN-1 Visa.

Here are the basic procedures:

TN-1: Canadian Professionals

Application from within the US.  If you are already here, you can renew without leaving the country.  A renewal application is essentially treated like a new petition.  You will need to submit Form I-129, along with all the documentation you previously provided the USCIS when you first obtained the TN-1.  The application fee is $325 (approx.) each time you apply for renewal.

Application from Canada.  Alternatively, you can avoid the application fee and wait time by leaving the US and applying for a renewal directly at the border.  Be sure to go to an entry point that is set up to process TN applications.  If you go this route, there is only a small filing fee ($56, approx.).  You will not need an I-129 application.  Rather, you may simply present a job offer letter, Canadian passport, and other supporting documentation to the interviewing officer at the border.  You will simply follow the same procedures as when initially obtaining your TN-1 Visa.

TD: Dependents of TN

Generally speaking, dependents apply for renewal on Form I-539 (Application to Extend/Change Nonimmigrant Status). If you are filing for more than one dependent, then Supplement 1 must be attached to the I-539.  The application fee is $290 (approx.).  The I-539 must be filed simultaneously with the I-129. Again, you can avoid the full application fee by appearing at the border with your dependant.

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