Landlord Registration Required in Indianapolis

by Kassandra Elise Green on Feb. 10, 2015

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Summary: A landlord may be responsible for civil fines if they fail to pay for registration in Marion County.

If you rent property in the City of Indianapolis a new law requires you to register your property with the Department of Code Enforcement effective January 1, 2015. You only have until March 31, 2015 to comply. Failure to register can subject the landlord to $500.00 in civil penalties and failure to renew has its own civil penalties too.

To register, you must create a Citizen Access Portal at this website: You may also register in person at the Department of Code Enforcement Lobby at 1200 South Madison Avenue.

In order to register, a landlord must provide the following:

  1. Name, telephone number and address of the owner;
  2. Name and address of:  a) Person residing in Indiana authorized to manage the rental unit; and b) Person who is authorized to act as agent for the owner for purposes of process and receiving and receipting for notices and demands;
  3. An affirmation that the property is not subject to any citations or violations of state or local codes that has not been remedied;
  4. An affirmation that there are no delinquent real property taxes, assessments or penalties with respect to the rental unit or any other rental units registered by the owner in Marion County.
  5. Statement of number of rental units on each separate parcel of real property covered by the registration;
  6. Registration Fee: $5.00.

I recommend that you register your properties immediately!

The information provided by the city is available here:

Copy of Ordinance:

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