Looking for an Experienced Motorcycle Accident Attorney in New York City?

by Stuart DiMartini on May. 31, 2019

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Summary: Looking for an Experienced Motorcycle Accident Attorney in New York City?

Motorcycling is one of the most thrilling and relaxing activities ever. But being a motorcyclist requires tremendous focus, diligence and a keen eye for the road ahead of you. Despite your best efforts to remain safe as a motorcyclist, you can succumb to an accident, due to the negligence of a motorist. When that happens, seek medical attention first; seek the assistance of a New York motorcycle accident attorney Stuart DiMartini and the Law Offices of Stuart DiMartini second.

Motorcycle Safety and You

According to the Centers For Disease Control And Prevention, “The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) tracks fatal injuries suffered in motor vehicle traffic crashes. In the United States, motorcycles account for three percent of registered vehicles and only 0.6 percent of vehicle miles traveled.”

The CDC also cites the importance of wearing a motorcycle helmet: “NHTSA estimates that $8 billion in economic societal harm could be prevented if all motorcycle riders wore helmets. When motorcyclists and their passengers wear helmets, the risk of death is reduced by almost 40 percent and the risk of head injury by almost 70 percent.”

According to data released from the New York State Department Of Health, “NYS law requires the use of motorcycle helmets for both drivers and passengers. Protective eyewear is also required. Helmets and eye protection are also required for Class A and B mopeds, those with a top speed of 20 mph or more.”

Why Choose the Law Offices of Stuart DiMartini for Your Motorcycle Accident Case?

With his law practice devoted to personal injury cases, attorney Stuart DiMartini has a keen knowledge of New York’s motorcycle accident laws. He also has the litigation experience and proficiency to build a strong and stable motorcycle accident defense for you, increasing the chances you will receive substantial compensation for your pain and suffering. Given such, DiMartini compiles his resources to fight for the rights of New York motorcycle accident victims.

Having received his Juris Doctor degree from Brooklyn Law School and working as an intern for a medical malpractice law firm in Long Island, DiMartini is an astute and compassionate lawyer who will place your interests first while working relentlessly to create a positive outcome for your motorcycle accident case. So, contact attorney Stuart DiMartini and the Law Offices of Stuart DiMartini for your motorcycle accident claims today!

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