Malfunctioning Heater Causes Florida House Fire Leaving Four People Homeless

by James O. Cunningham on Dec. 03, 2012

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Summary: The Daytona Beach Fire Department reports that a malfunctioning heater caused a house fire on Oct. 30 that left four people homeless.

The Daytona Beach Fire Department reports that a malfunctioning heater caused a house fire on Oct. 30 that left four people homeless. They report that the house in the 200 block of Keech Street sustained nearly $25,000 in damage when the fire broke out around 5 a.m. that morning. When firefighters arrived, they found heavy smoke and flames erupting from the roof of the home but were able to contain the fire to the rear bedroom area. Fortunately, all four residents inside the home were able to escape, and no one was injured in the blaze. The American Red Cross is helping the victims.

Fire investigators traced the source of the fire to a malfunctioning heater in one of the rear bedrooms. One resident said that he saw sparks coming out of the heater shortly before the fire started. Lt. Larry Stoney of the Daytona Beach Fire Department told reporters that inexpensive heaters are prone to causing fires, as they are poorly made and often have shoddy wiring. He also reminded area residents that electrical fires can be started by overloaded circuits, power strips and extension cords. The Daytona Beach Fire Department recommends the following:

  • Faulty electrical appliances and wiring should be replaced, not repaired, to avoid fires.
  • All electrical appliances should bear the label of a recognized testing laboratory.
  • Surge protectors or power strips should have internal overload protection.
  • People should keep clothing and all other potentially flammable material at least three feet from portable heaters.
  • Residents should check the batteries on smoke detectors once a month.
  • There should be at least one fire extinguisher on each level of a home, especially near kitchens, fireplaces and other areas with heat sources.

Again, it’s very fortunate that no one was hurt in this house fire, but, from a legal standpoint, they all suffered injuries, especially the homeowner. When a malfunctioning product causes a fire, the homeowner and anyone else who lives there suffers a financial injury through no fault of their own. They lose furniture, clothing, jewelry and many other possessions. While financial injury is less catastrophic than a serious physical injury, it can cause severe economic hardship for those affected.

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