Protecting Your Business Interests from the Pitfalls of Implied Warranties

by Marshal Harold Davis on Apr. 28, 2022

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Summary: Protecting Your Business Interests from the Pitfalls of Implied Warranties ; Bucks County Economic Development Corporation’s “Bucks Prospectus”

Bucks County Economic Development Corporation’s “Bucks Prospectus”

Protecting Your Business Interests from the Pitfalls of Implied Warranties

Protecting Your Business Interests from the Pitfalls of Implied Warranties

If your business sells goods, you should be aware that there are warranties that are implied in Pennsylvania and many other states, even if you had no intention of selling a product with a warranty attached. This article’s focus is on the sale of goods to other businesses. There are additional responsibilities if your customers are individual consumers. Implied warranties can create a future liability with respect to the product you sell. Some of these implied warranties (and a very basic description) include:

• Warranty of Merchantability & Usage of Trade: Seller has an obligation of good faith and must sell goods that are merchant able. Merchantable goods must conform to certain standards of quality, conformity, fitness, quality, packaging, labeling, etc.
• Warranty of Fitness for a Particular Purpose: Seller is subject to an implied warranty that goods are fit for a particular pur pose if the seller has any reason to know the buyer’s purpose or intended use of the goods and when the buyer relies on the seller’s skill or judgment to select or furnish suitable goods.
• Warranty Against Infringement: Seller must deliver goods free of any rightful claim by any third party by way of infringement.
• Warranty of Condition on Arrival: Seller is subject to addition al warranties regarding the quality, condition, price, and delivery of goods under certain contracts or delivery terms.
• Warranty of Title: Seller must (1) have the right to transfer title; (2) convey good title; and (3) deliver goods from undisclosed security interests, liens, and encumbrances.

• Additionally, a Seller of goods is subject to Federal Minimum Standards for Warranties.

With conscientious contract drafting and adding warranty disclaimers to your product literature, you can disclaim much of the liability from some of these implied warranties. Such disclaimers can reduce the risk and uncertainty of future claims, improve future cash flows, reduce reserves/allowances, and augment the bottom

Of course if your business is purchasing products – whether for its own consumption or for resale – you should be aware of these is sues and your rights. You may negotiate the terms of the contract to include express warranties that protect your interests, while simultaneously eliminating or reducing warranty disclaimers.

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