Psychological Insight on Personal Injury Claimants of Traffic Accidents

author by Christopher Hoffmann on Jan. 13, 2014

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Summary: Injuries sustained in car accidents are not just physical. Car accident victims may be entitled to compensation if an accident causes them psychological distress.

In states like Missouri, it is common for people to claim their rights suffering from personal injuries whether due to negligence of another person in a car accident or deliberate attack from a criminal. Most of the cases have been observed to be Road Traffic Accidents (RTAs). Some other injuries are caused at work, public places or some from medical negligence. It is the job of forensic psychologists to assess the mental stress and disorders the victims are going through. They give their opinion in following areas.

•      Psychological disorders that results from an accident and its consequences in the form of physical damage, unemployment or anything else

•         The effect of injuries on his ability to work

•         Prediction of psychological disorders of the claimant

•         Treatment of emotional and mental disorders

•         Long term effects of accidents on physical and psychological abilities to work

•         Liability (very rarely)

The claimant has to prove his case in the light of probabilities rather than any other significant evidence. In some cases, experts are able to give their suggestions and opinions unlike witnesses who provide information in the light of factual observations. The claimant could also accept the help of a personal injury attorney to defend his case in the light of law. 

Providing Diagnosis

The trauma of the claimant has to satisfy the criteria of PTSD to be recommended by an expert for psychological treatment.

There could be various psychological problems associated with claimants of RTAs like

•         Travel phobia: being afraid to travel in car if he/she has been victim of car accident

•         Frustration due to unemployment caused by physical disability

•         Anxiety of future planning

•         Inferiority complex

In order to give an accurate diagnosis, the psychologist will interview the claimant to judge the criteria of PTSD if he has to claim his personal injuries.

Prediction of Psychological Problems (Prognosis)

The expert psychologist has to predict the psychological and emotional anomalies in the claimant. Post-accident analysis may reveal that victim is still afraid from travelling in that specific vehicle or from taking that specific route on which the accident happen. In some cases, the victim always asks others to drive.

Recommendation for Treatment

The expert psychologist will present a detailed report whether the claimant requires the treatment to recover from the state of trauma or he is capable enough to set his emotions right by himself. The report will cover the satisfaction of PTSD criteria as well as prognosis of claimant.


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