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by Jason Khattar on May. 14, 2021

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Summary: Pain, disfigurement, trauma, and fear of dogs can all result from a single dog bite. Whether it has happened with you or your loved one, a dog bite is always a terrifying and painful experience. Many animal attacks lead to severe injuries that range from infected wounds to painful scarring and even broken bones

Pain, disfigurement, trauma, and fear of dogs can all result from a single dog bite. Whether it has happened with you or your loved one, a dog bite is always a terrifying and painful experience. Many animal attacks lead to severe injuries that range from infected wounds to painful scarring and even broken bones.

If a dog bite has affected your life, then you deserve justice. The owner of the dog is responsible, but it is not always as simple as identifying the owner. You will require the direction and legal expertise of a legal professional to assist you with recovering compensation under the law.

It advisable to select among attorneys with several years of experience with dog bite cases and with whom you are comfortable. Whether your injury is small or large, it can leave you with both physical and emotional scars that follow you for many years, perhaps the remainder of your life. 

If a dog bite has traumatized you, then it is time to speak with an attorney who will help get the compensation that you deserve for your injuries. Consult a reputable dog bite attorney so that your chance of securing a fair settlement improves. 

Why You Should Hire a Lawyer for Dog Bite Cases:

  • Excellent Negotiation Skills: Bold, hard-working, and obstinate legal professionals will stick with any dog bite case from start to finish and ensure every detail is covered and all injuries and expenses are accounted for. Attorneys skilled in negotiation tactics will prevent unscrupulous insurance companies from “low-balling” any offer of settlement.

You might be confused, wondering whether compensation provided or offered by your insurance company is fair or not, but your attorney will never be confused. They will know what amount is appropriate and what is not based on your injuries, property damage, and other losses or expenses related to the injury. An offer of settlement does not mean you are required to accept the amount offered to you. A reasonable attorney will assess the facts of your case, discover any deficiencies, omissions, and recalculations, and then counter with the actual amount you are entitled to.

The process might stall between the two parties, but your attorney will not stop fighting for you until you are satisfied with the amount you are getting.

  • Legal Knowledge: It is important to understand the law and local ordinances as they relate to dog bites, pet ownership, and safety rules. Statutes are complicated enough to understand without grasping how courts have interpreted and applied them to cases throughout the years. Allow lawyers trained in legal analysis to do the difficult work for you. 

Allow your attorney to interpret the laws and utilize their training and legal skills to help recover fair compensation owed to you.

  • Experience: Online, do-it-yourself legal sites are becoming a popular tool, but they come at a price greater than what they purport to save in dollars.  While these sites promise convenience, ease, and lower fees to the armchair attorney, they are no substitute for years of experience. Moreover, they will leave you stranded if you are dealing with a novel issue or have questions about the legal process. They also cannot negotiate your case with adversarial insurance agents and opposing attorneys.

If you rely solely on online sources, it will compromise the integrity of your case.  Therefore, you require the personal touch of professional experience for your dog bite case. Most attorneys will handle similar cases over and over again. While the specific facts of each case are unique, experienced attorneys can use their knowledge of case law and the legal process to competently move your case toward a favorable resolution while educating and informing you throughout the entire process. They can also use prior case knowledge to better inform you of what you can expect to recover.

  • Access to Resources: When you hire a lawyer, you hire someone who will toil hard to solve your case and keep you informed as your case progresses each step of the way. Your attorney and supporting law firm staff will conduct legal research and draft necessary documents. In some cases, private investigators can be hired to gather additional evidence. When you hire a personal injury lawyer in San Antonio from Khattar Law, PC., you are not just hiring a single individual. You are hiring an entire staff of support. 

  • Advocacy: The legal system in the United States is designed to encourage those who have been harmed or injured, whether physically, mentally,or economically, to assert their rights in a public forum against the accused perpetrator, and allow the perpetrator to respond to those accusations. Everyone can use someone on their side to represent their interests while facing hardships in life. Your lawyer's job is to work meticulously on your behalf to make sure you get a fair and just settlement amount that makes you economically whole. They are also there to impeach the evidence and testimony of the accused party so that they are held accountable for the incident and it never happens to anyone else.

Select a personal injury lawyer who will fight for you and not rest until the dog owners are held responsible for their negligence that caused you pain, suffering, and expense.

Did a dog bite you? Then contact a reputable attorney from Khattar Law, PC. Our experienced San Antonio Personal Injury Lawyer will fight for your rights and economic interests while pursuing compensation for your injuries and losses related to the dog bite.

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