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by Mona Deldar on Nov. 15, 2019

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Summary: A San Jose Dog Bite Lawyer will have the professional training and experience to advocate fiercely on your behalf in court.

What to do After a Dog Bite or Attack in San Jose

There are two things that happen simultaneously after a dog bite occurs. The victim is addressing the physical aftermath of the attack and also trying to gather information about what happened. The two activities are mentally and emotionally counter intuitive. Your top priority is your health and recovery. However, if you can do so, there are a few additional measures you can take after a dog bite or attack to maximize your chances of receiving compensation for your injuries. These types of cases can be complicated so you may want to consult with a San Jose dog bite attorney. It would best if you directed your specific legal questions about your potential injury claim to a San Jose dog bite lawyer.

Here are a few steps to take if you or a loved one is the victim of a dog attack:

Seek Medical Attention

Dog attacks are particularly severe due to the nature of a canine’s teeth and jaw structure. The first thing you should do following a dog attack is to stabilize the wound and head to the nearest hospital. An emergency room doctor can treat your injuries, administer vaccines, and document the medical extent of the damages you have incurred.

Exchange Information with Relevant Individuals

If you are conscious and able, exchanging information with the dog’s owner and eyewitnesses is critical to the outcome of filing a claim in the California civil court system. The dog owner should provide you with his or her contact information as well as the dog’s vaccination history.

Witnesses can speak to the validity of your claims. You or a family member should ask for each person to provide his or her contact information in case they need to be interviewed later.

File a Report with the Police and Animal Control

Every county or municipality in California carries some form of reporting requirement following a dog bite or attack. Cover your legal bases by reporting the attack to local law enforcement and animal control officers. Their account of the injury scene is critical to personal injury claims in the future.

Document the Attack and Injuries

Your personal account of the attack is admissible as evidence should you choose to file a lawsuit for your injuries in court. The most critical aspect of this type of evidence is that you verifiably document the incident. Common examples of documentation include:

  • Videos and photographs
  • Journal entries and personal notes
  • Medical and insurance records
  • Witness information and statements
  • A timeline of events before and after the attack

It is also a wise move to keep track of correspondence with insurance companies and any other parties involved, including the dog’s owner, witnesses, and attorneys. Maintain meticulous financial records regarding all expenses related to the attack.

Consider Discussing Your Case with a San Jose Dog Bite Attorney

Speaking with a personal injury lawyer licensed to practice in California may help you gain insight into the outcome of your case. Since recovering maximum financial losses is tantamount to dog bite injury victims, finding the right attorney is one way to accomplish your goals. A San Jose Dog Bite Lawyer will have the professional training and experience to advocate fiercely on your behalf in court.

At Deldar Legal, our team of San Jose dog bite lawyers want to learn more about your case by offering you a free consultation. Schedule yours today at one of our eight locations throughout California by calling (844) 335-3271 or by sending us a quick message.


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