Seeking Damages...Seeking Justice

by Paul A. Matiasic on May. 17, 2019

Accident & Injury 

Summary: Seeking Damages...Seeking Justice

Far too often, acts of sexual abuse go unreported to authorities. Victims often fear the aftermath—fear the attacker—and they fail to come forward and speak out against what happened. As a result, those responsible are left to go forward without concern of the consequences of their actions.

They hardly ever think of criminal action, which means even less consider civil legal action against their attacker. For those who have been harmed, however, there are a number of benefits to considering both, many of which revolve around helping the victim move forward.

When people think of taking action in a civil lawsuit, they are not quite sure what they can do in the event of sexual abuse. It’s important to note that pursuing a personal injury lawsuit, even following a sexual abuse, can help the victim get justice.

Not many people know this, but the average cost over a lifetime for a sexual abuse victim is in excess of $120,000 for the expenses associated with the assault. This means that there are times when compensation is needed to help with the financial burdens.

For instance, those affected may need medical assessment following the abuse, medical treatment for any physical damage sustained, psychological therapy to deal with the trauma, and pain and suffering for loss of enjoyment of life and more.

However, for many, filing a civil lawsuit is about more than damages and compensation. Beyond the criminal action, it’s about the victim obtaining justice and showing that certain actions have consequences—including costly ones.

Taking legal action can incite change moving forward, protecting others in the future from a similar fate. When sexual abuse goes unreported, it shows that these actions don’t have consequences—it doesn’t punish them in either a criminal or civil manner.

Taking action does. Taking action helps obtain justice. Taking action shows that these unforgiveable acts will not be tolerated.

Our San Francisco sexual abuse attorneys work with victims to move forward and file personal injury lawsuits against those who have wronged them. The Matiasic Firm takes a sensitive, caring, and tenacious approach to these matters and aim to help you obtain the justice you deserve.

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