Soft Tissue Injuries from Whiplash are Real and Can Cause a Lifetime of Pain

by Jeff Grotke on Mar. 08, 2015

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Summary: We provide medical care at no cost, until your case settles.

"Whiplash" is Real    
    Most of us are brave, and want to avoid exaggerating pain and suffering from minor car accidents. It is just natural and we all realize that junk lawsuits are bad for everybody. The problem is that injuries from "Whiplash" are real, and can cause a lifetime of pain.
    What happens, in fact, is that many people generally don't feel terribly pained in their backs or shoulders at the time of an accident. They may feel a little tug or pop, but nothing that is overly concerning. Many think they will be fine in a day or two. In fact, these little injuries, especially if you are struck from behind or the side, have a tendency to develop scar tissue that wraps around your nerves. This can lead to nagging and debilitating pain that lasts for decades, if not your entire life. 
       The sad part is that this can easily be avoided. At the Law Office of Jeff Grotke, we refer almost all of our car accident clients to a dedicated group of medical professionals who understand the issue and work diligently, using physical therapy, and other techniques to see to it that these scar tissue problems do not develop. This care is provided at no cost until your case settles. 
    The only thing you need to show is that you had car insurance at the time of the accident, and that the police report indicates the other driver was at fault. 
    If you have medical insurance, already, you can discuss this with your medical provider. Be aware that they have their own guidelines for treating you, and they may not be as aggressive as they need to be, in order to prevent Whiplash pain and suffering. You may also have a deductible with them, which means you will be paying out of pocket. As soon as that happens, you will have a tendency to cut short needed physical therapy sessions, because you simply want to save money. Don't make that mistake. Let our professional health care providers treat these problems, at no cost until your case settles. 

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