St. Louis Automobile Accident Attorney: Mistakes to Avoid During Your Driving Test

by Christopher Hoffmann on Nov. 04, 2015

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Summary: Drivers in the age group of 19 years or younger are more likely to fail their first driving test.

One big mistake can fail you or you may fail for making a number of small mistakes. In general, you start with 100 points and then points are deducted for every mistake you make. If at the end of the test your score falls below a certain point, you will be disqualified. Let’s take a look at some common driving mistakes and learn some tips on how to avoid those.

Not Stopping Completely

If you are asked to stop your car during a driving test, come to a complete stop rather than a rolling or incomplete stop. Completely stop right behind the line.

Driving Over the Speed Limit

Slow down when driving through sensitive zones, such as work zones and school zones. However, if you drive too slow or at a speed much lower than the set speed limit, you may be causing trouble for your fellow drivers on the road.

Not Being Attentive When Changing Lanes

Before changing lanes, look for any approaching vehicles, look in the side and rear view mirrors, and look for any blind spots before turning or changing lanes.

Problem with Steering Control

Keep both hands on the steering wheel.

Not Checking the Mirrors

Check the side and rear view mirrors.

Getting Confused at a Four-Way Stop

Stop your car at a stop sign at the right side of the lane, depending on your intended direction. Before taking a turn, communicate your intention to other drivers.

Following Another Car too Closely

Keep a safe distance from the car in front of you. If a car in front of you stops suddenly, you may not get the required time to stop. On the other hand, if another driver is following your car and you suddenly apply the brake, it may result in a rear-end collision. Points are deducted for hard braking or following too closely.

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