The Automatic Stay when Filing Bankruptcy

by Alison C Briggs on May. 10, 2020

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Summary: Find out whatever you need to know regarding the Automatic Stay and filing bankruptcy. A very powerful tool, the Automatic Stay stops creditors from collecting on debts once bankruptcy is filed.

The automatic stay, is among the most crucial functions of filing a bankruptcy case. The automatic stay will be the protection you get from the US bankruptcy court from the creditors of yours. The automatic stay, remains and freezes very creditor action when a bankruptcy situation is sent in. The stay occurs as soon as a bankruptcy is sent in, Chapter 11, Chapter 7 bankruptcy, this includes, and Chapter thirteen bankruptcy filings in Nevada.

For instance. If your wages have been intending being garnished, and also you filed a bankruptcy case prior to the creditor had an one chance to connect the pay of yours, the filing on the bankruptcy case would prevent the garnishment. In case you house was entering foreclosure, plus you filed a bankruptcy case before the foreclosure date, the filing on the bankruptcy case would prevent the foreclosure. Another example; assume the car payment of yours was so far behind it was intending to get repossessed. In case you file a bankruptcy case prior to the automobile is taken back again by the creditor, the filing of the situation would prevent some repossession activity by the creditor.

The Automatic Stay is Effective

The automatic stay in bankruptcy is extremely effective. Not merely could creditors not do something like repossession or foreclosure, but creditors can't effort to obtain from you while there's a pending bankruptcy case. It's crucial to bankruptcy and also there are serious penalties for creditors that violate the automatic stay.

Like every rule, there are some exceptions. For instance, with the instant stay, at times it's not in effect in case an individual files multiple bankruptcies within a specific amount of time. Please talk to a seasoned Vegas Bankruptcy Attorney regarding if the Automatic Stay won't defend you when filing for bankruptcy.
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