The Importance of Seeking the Best Treatment After a St Louis Auto Accident

by Christopher Hoffmann on Nov. 30, 2019

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Summary: Medical special damages are a big part of your personal injury claim and the treatment that you will get influences the final amount significantly.

The Right Treatment Can Increase the Value of Your Claim

If you've been the victim of a car accident and have been injured during the crash, then you are probably thinking about filing a claim for compensation. Whether your injuries are minor or severe, how you handle the aftermath of the event will greatly influence the amount of money you will receive. This is why hiring a St. Louis auto accident lawyer will help you get the most out of your personal injury claim.

There is also property damage that should be accounted for in addition to the expenses related to medical visits and treatment. Seeing a doctor is a must after you’ve been in an accident, as it will detect any possible injuries that you may or may not notice right away.

Medical special damages are a big part of your personal injury claim and the treatment that you will get influences the final amount significantly. Here are the parts of medical expenses that you will include in your case documents, and how they need to be formulated to get the most out of your claim.


First of all, a doctor needs to see you and identify all the possible damage that you’ve suffered in the car accident. Sometimes, diagnosis is quick and it represents such a small amount out of the total medical bills, that it will just be included with the others. But, if you have certain complex injuries that need extensive investigations to be identified correctly, your medical bills will increase. In this case, the diagnosis is treated separately. Don’t hesitate to go to the specialists that your GP may recommend or take the necessary tests for diagnosis.


Usually, the treatment of car accident injuries is the most expensive part of the medical bills. Treatment can be administered right away, and can also be an extensive plan that stretches over many weeks, months or even years. The doctors you see should be able to provide estimates on how long the treatment will be, what extra treatments might be needed, etc.

Physical Therapy

Many car accident injuries leave you with long-term discomfort and conditions that require physical therapy. All or at least a part of these sessions should be covered by the insurance company. They will try to minimize their costs, so make sure you have at least one doctor’s recommendation for your treatment, and that you have the necessary documentation to prove your needs.

Non-Traditional Treatment

Although it might help you tremendously and some of it does involve high costs, non-traditional treatments will not be covered by the insurance company. Make sure you have a licensed doctor’s recommendation for every treatment you get, as it will otherwise be denied by the insurance company. 

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The right kind of treatment when you are the victim of a car accident is the one that is established by doctors after proper investigations. Make sure you consult your St. Louis car accident lawyer about any treatment before you include it in your claim.

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