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The Unique Risks of 18 Wheelers at Intersections

by David Zevan on Jan. 21, 2014

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Summary: Speeding is not necessarily the only factor to consider in auto collisions. 18 wheelers pose a unique threat to other drivers on the road.

Big Rigs and 18 wheelers make up a large part of the traffic on US highways.  They are also on our smaller streets and roadways, picking up and dropping off their precious cargo.  Special training is necessary in order for a truck driver to be able to successfully maneuver through city streets.  Their size makes turning more difficult and they require more space in order to come to a complete stop.  Even though truck accidents on city streets usually occur at lower speeds, the devastation they can cause is still great.  Consult with a truck accident attorney today if you were recently injured in an accident with a big rig.  Chances are, your injuries are grave and medical bills are expensive.  An attorney will put you on the road to recovering your damages.

There is a good reason why large trucks are decorated with caution signs and lights.  It is in a motor vehicle driver's best interest to stay as far away from them as possible.  This is true in all traffic situations, even intersections.  A truck needs more space and time in order to make a turn.  For a right turn, they need to navigate around a corner and parked cars.  In order to do this they will have to veer out in the opposite direction first.  If you are riding alongside them, you could get trapped and pushed off of the road.  Take note of a trucks turn signal and pull away from them when you see that they are getting ready to navigate around a curb. 

Left turns do not require as much space, instead the risk is the truck having to cross over multiple lanes of traffic.  The driver is responsible to ensure that his path is clear before starting the maneuver, taking into account the fact that because of its size, the truck will be in the line of oncoming truck for longer than a passenger car.  Failing to notice an oncoming vehicle could be catastrophic.

This was the case for a Missouri teenager who was struck by a tractor-trailer as she drove through an intersection.  The truck driver claimed to have a green arrow, but testimony proved that he was mistaken.  His line of sight was obstructed by another truck in the opposite lane, causing him to fail to notice the oncoming car.  Despite the blind spot, he proceeded anyway and caused a promising young college student to suffer a brain injury so severe that she now requires 24 hour supervision, and assistance with everyday tasks like getting dressed herself.  The Missouri jury who heard this case awarded her to cover the costs of her future supervised care.

St. Louis Truck Accident Lawyer

Without a doubt, large trucks are a risk to all the other drivers and passengers around them.  Speeding need not be a factor to cause a catastrophic, life altering injury.  If someone you love has been severely injured in a truck accident there may be a way to ensure that their future is secure.  Speak with a Missouri truck accident attorney today to learn how they can help you claim your rightful compensation.

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