by Austin Neil Aaronson on Jul. 16, 2018

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There are many scammers, who are not attorneys, that have created a kind of cottage industry, ‘guaranteeing’ you that they can rid you of an unwanted timeshare. Many of these are the same type of people that sold the timeshares to begin with. They will render every assurance that they can cancel your timeshare, even promising ‘money-back’ guarantees. Learn more about timeshare cancellation attorney!


Invariably, these scammers will then simply advise you to cease making payments, and ultimately your timeshare obligation will be terminated. And although this may be true in some cases, it does nothing to address the potential for personal liability, the harassing collection calls, mail, and possible lawsuits that may follow seeking to impose personal liability on you.


Please understand that a timeshare contract is a legally binding obligation. Unless you can articulate a compelling legal basis as to why it should be deemed invalid, you simply cannot avoid its consequences.


By definition, a non-lawyer is not trained, equipped, or capable of addressing these issues. In fact, this would qualify as engagement in the unlicensed practice of law, a felony in most U.S. jurisdiction. Learn more about how to get rid of your timeshare!


When you hire our firm, we do many things to protect you legally. But our primary objectives in this respect are really only three: 1. To protect you from liability. The last thing that you need is the stress and worry that go hand-in-hand with the prospect of having your home and other possessions confiscated in execution of a judgment; 2. To put a layer of ‘insulation’ between you and the timeshare developer. Again, you can do without the stress of collection agents shaking you down for money; and 3. To protect your credit. Through invocation of the Fair Credit Reporting Act and other consumer protection provisions, we are optimistic that this can be accomplished in most cases. Learn more about timeshare cancellation!


All the measures are part of our commitment to you as a client. No layperson is able to propose these protections. If you have any doubt, ask them exactly how they propose to accomplish these things.


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