Timeshare Transfer/ Cancellation Companies – Be Cautious!

by Austin Neil Aaronson on Jul. 16, 2018

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Timeshare Transfer/Cancellation Companies – Be Cautious!


Let’s assume you are more than ready to cancel your timeshare contract. Perhaps, pressure-filled sales presentations and abundant misrepresentations drive your decision. Or your goals and family schedule have changed. Or you are agitated by rising maintenance fees and unavailable resort properties. Whatever your reasons, the time has come to look for an escape from your timeshare obligations.

When you begin your quest for solutions, ads for timeshare transfer or cancellation services quickly capture your attention – not surprising given the proliferation of companies vying for your business!  Tread lightly and exercise caution, as you research potential cancellation services. One type of transfer model, dubbed “Viking Ships”, preys on owners eager to dispose of their timeshares. Learn more about how to get rid of your timeshare!


The “Viking Ship” basics

With postcards, internet ads or phone calls, the unscrupulous timeshare transfer or cancellation company “has a simple solution” or offers a “guarantee in writing. The Viking Ship scheme involves a shell company with no assets that promises to relieve you of your timeshare(s) and charges you a transfer fee ranging from $500 to $5000 or more. You sign over your timeshare, shed your burden and walk away.


The deceptions and results

The fraudulent timeshare transfer company either actually transfers your property to their company or does nothing at all, failing to properly transfer your property interest. In either case, the company has no intention of paying the maintenance fees. If they have transferred your property to their company, they simply ignore the bills.  Learn more about timeshare cancellation!


You may not realize the problem for three or four months, when you begin hearing from a collection agency. When you try to contact the transfer company, you discover that you aren’t the only one who “walked away”. They are nowhere to be found.  As you research further, you find that they did not have a real estate license and were doing business illegally.


You have paid a sizeable fee, and you still owe past-due maintenance fees. Without the appropriate legal resolution, your timeshare developer eventually will foreclose on your property. You find yourself in more dire circumstances than you were as a timeshare owner.  Avoid compounding your financial distress by seeking competent legal representation.


The services of an experienced timeshare attorney

Your situation is not hopeless. The Aaronson Law Firm has represented hundreds of clients in need of timeshare cancellation. Please take the time to review our qualifications and satisfied client testimonies.  If your in need of timeshare cancellation please contact Aaronson Law Group!


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