Too good to be true? Can you really, legally wipe away all of your debt and start over debt free with a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in Illinois

by Bradley Baum on May. 29, 2019

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Summary: The benefits of a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in Illinois The possibility to start over fresh and gain financial freedom The possibility to eliminate out all of your credit card debt and/or medical debt and keep everything that you own

As an attorney, when I first learned of the possiblities of a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, I thought to myself, this is too good to be true. A person can legally wipe out all of his/her debt and keep everything that he/she owns? A person can wipe out all of their credit card debt and keep everything that he/she owns? Yes, it was possible.

Personally, I didn't know why more people were not taking advantage of this. Who doesn't want financial freedom? Who doesn't want to be debt free? Who doesn't want to start over?

Through the years, I have had so many clients say to me that they wish that they had filed for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy earlier. I had one client so scared that she was afraid to even talk to me about it. When she finally did, she hugged me and cried. We were both so happy when the result of her case was exactly as we hoped for...She was able to wipe out all of her debt and gain financial freedom and start over, debt free. She hugged me so tightly and kissed my cheek when the case was over.

I want my clients to be happy. It gives me such joy to help them gain that financial freedom. It gives such joy to see them gain a happier life. I love to see their smiles too.

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