What Are the Common Truck Accident Claims

by Gary Burger on May. 04, 2023

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Summary: What are the common Truck Accident Claims? What can you do when you've been involved in a truck accident? What are the correct steps to take following an accident?

What are the common truck accident claims that people have? There's a variety of circumstances under which truck drivers injure people. Sometimes they drive too fast in inclement weather. Sometimes they don't honor stop signs or stop lights. Sometimes they're driving too fast for the conditions.

Sometimes they fail to yield the right of way. If someone's has a right of way and they turn in front of them, or they're going into their area, sometimes they change lanes without looking. Sometimes they're under the influence of drugs or alcohol. 

They have slower reaction times. They have longer breaking distances. Force equals mass times acceleration, so there's more force in those. In those accidents, there's load shifting that occurred. There's jackknifing and there's other things that happen when truck drivers drive in a way that get out of control.

When a truck driver breaks a rules of the road and unnecessarily and needlessly injures someone, they're responsible for that harm. In those circumstances, you have a claim that should be asserted, and those are the types of, some of the types of ways they can blow through.

There's a wide variety of ways that truck accident claims physically can occur. The question then is, what kind of claims do you have? Well, you have a claim against a truck company and the truck driver. They have to carry a certain level of insurance, depending on the size of the load, the number of axles, that kind of stuff. So they're gonna have significant insurance to cover the kind of damages you have. And then different trucking companies may have umbrella coverage. 

We also have straight along kind of medium or smaller size cases where truck drivers were negligent that caused the injury to folks. You may have a property damage component to your case as well.

Then you may have an uninsured motorist coverage claim. You carry uninsured motorist coverage on your insurance. That would cover you for that. So, You have a claim, it's a legal claim. Those are the circumstances in which they occur. That's the type of claim that you have. And then the question is you have to assert a claim.

Burger Law's St. Louis truck accident lawyers have seen every type of truck accident claim imaginable, including:

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