What Can You Do After Filing Bankruptcy in Arizona

by Alison C Briggs on Apr. 24, 2020

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Summary: There is Life After filing bankruptcy. You can easily mess up your "Fresh Start" after filing for bankruptcy protection by going back into the same habits that landed you needing to file bankruptcy in the first place. Be mindful of things this time to avoid another financial setback. Consider talking to an experienced bankruptcy attorney in Phoenix to find out the best ways to navigate your "Fresh Start"

What Can You Do After Filing Bankruptcy?


One of the biggest worries many people have about filing for bankruptcy is that they won’t be able to get credit again. They worry that they’ll have this big, black mark on their credit history that will follow them for years and years, making it impossible for them to get a credit card or buy a house.

The truth is that bankruptcy in Arizona will deal a blow to your credit, but any bankruptcy lawyer will tell you that you don’t have to wait the seven to 10 years that the bankruptcy stays on your credit report to get the credit you need. You can take steps immediately after your bankruptcy discharge to start rebuilding your credit quickly. Here are a few suggestions from our Phoenix bankruptcy attorney as to things you can do:


There are many credit cards available for those who have bad credit or who have a short credit history. These cards usually have a low limit in order to minimize the liability to the lender. You can open one of these cards to start showing a positive credit history without putting yourself at risk of racking up too much debt.  Our bankruptcy lawyers have a few cards that they will recommend.


Sometimes, you have to use credit to get what you need. We don’t all have hundreds of thousands of dollars saved to buy a house after all. But it’s easy to get carried away with credit, so bankruptcy courses teach you about the smart use of credit to meet your goals without suffering setbacks.


You may not be able to get new credit yet, but you likely still have a phone and car insurance. You may even have kept your house in the bankruptcy and are still paying a mortgage. All of these bills are reported to your credit, and if you are late on any payments, you will bring your score down even more. Ditto for your student loan and any other debt you weren’t able to discharge.


Credit woes are something that you should be concerned.  Declaring bankruptcy really hits your credit hard.  Filing a chapter 7 bankruptcy stays on your credit for up to 10 years whereas a Chapter 13 bankruptcy only stays on there for7-8 years.  However, you can quickly build up your credit score and get approved for credit if you make good choices in your financial life after declaring bankruptcy in Arizona. You could buy a car or a house in as little as two years after filing for bankruptcy. Work with a financial advisor if you aren’t sure how to get back on the straight-and-narrow and stay there.

When people can't afford to pay for their bankruptcy up front, it would be in their best interest to seek out a bankruptcy attorney that offers a bankruptcy option that allows you to File Bankruptcy with $0 down.  These Zero Down Bankruptcy Lawyers make filing bankruptcy affordable for everyone.  A few of the places that offer this zero down filings include bankruptcy attorneys in Phoenix, bankruptcy attorneys in Tucson, bankruptcy attorney in Vegas, and the Phoenix Bankruptcy Lawyer.

There are many options available to people who are seeking debt relief.  Our discount bankruptcy lawyers offer many debt relief options to assist people in Arizona in their pursuit to file for bankruptcy protection.  Some of the unique programs that we offer include:  bankruptcy by phone, bankruptcy at home, zero down bankruptcy, Medical Debt bankruptcy filings, emergency bankruptcy filings, as well as Chapter 7 bankruptcy and Chapter 13 bankruptcy filings.  

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