What Is A No-Zone? How To Stay Out Of Truck Blind Spots

author by Mona Deldar on Jun. 20, 2024

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Summary: Find out what is a No-Zone and why they are a threat to road safety. Discover ways to avoid these blind spots around commercial trucks.

Driving alongside commercial trucks and semi-trucks can be very dangerous. These massive vehicles have significant blind spots that pose a threat to other road users. These blind spots are often referred to as "No-Zones." Understanding what is a No-Zone and how to stay out of them can greatly enhance road safety for everyone.


In this blog post, Deldar Legal dives into the concept of what is a No-Zone. We also share some tips for avoiding these dangerous areas, and highlight how our firm can assist if you're involved in a commercial truck accident.


What Is A No-Zone?


A No-Zone refers to the blind spots around a commercial truck or semi-truck where the truck driver has limited or no visibility. These areas can hide smaller vehicles, leading to potential accidents. There are four primary No-Zones:


  • Front No-Zone: Extending about 20 feet in front of the truck, this area is dangerous because the truck driver cannot see vehicles directly in front of them. It takes trucks longer to stop, so cutting in front of a truck can result in a rear-end collision.

  • Rear No-Zone: Stretching approximately 30 feet behind the truck, this blind spot is perilous as the truck driver cannot see vehicles directly behind them. Tailgating a truck reduces your visibility and reaction time.

  • Side No-Zones: These are located on both sides of the truck, particularly on the right side, which is larger and more hazardous. Vehicles lingering in these spots can easily be sideswiped if the truck driver changes lanes.

  • Wide Right Turns: Trucks often need to swing wide to the left before making a right turn. The space they create on their right can appear inviting, but it’s a dangerous No-Zone where vehicles can be crushed during the turn.


Identifying what is a No-Zone can be tricky, especially when you're driving at a high rate of speed on a highway. Everyone on the road is only one small maneuver away from being completely safe or at high risk of a life-altering accident. It sounds dramatic, but it's the truth. That's why you need to know some helpful tips on how to avoid a truck's no-zones.


Tips For Avoiding No-Zones


Staying out of a truck’s blind spots requires attentive driving and a few simple strategies:


1. Stay Visible

If you can't see the truck driver's face in their side mirror, they can't see you. Always position your vehicle where the truck driver can easily spot you.


2. Pass With Caution

When overtaking a truck, do so quickly and on the left side, where the blind spot is smaller. Avoid lingering in the side No-Zones and signal well in advance before merging back in front of the truck.


3. Keep Your Distance

Keep a safe distance from trucks, especially in the front and rear No-Zones. Give them plenty of space to maneuver, stop, or react to road conditions.


4. Avoid Tailgating

Following a truck too closely obscures your view and reduces your reaction time. Maintain a safe following distance to avoid the rear No-Zone.


5. Beware of Turns

Anticipate wide turns by trucks. If a truck is signaling a right turn, don’t attempt to pass on the right side. Give the truck ample room to complete its turn safely.


Are you looking for more information on what is a No-Zone? The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has its own list of 10 "Tips for Driving Safely Around Large Trucks or Buses":


  • Stay Out
  • Pass Safely
  • Don't Cut It Close
  • Stay Back
  • Anticipate Wide Turns
  • Be Patient
  • Buckle Up
  • Stay Focused
  • Don't Drive Fatigued
  • Never Drive Under The Influence


Despite taking precautions, accidents involving commercial trucks and semi-trucks can still happen. If you find yourself in such a situation, you may need to hire a personal injury attorney. Luckily, Deldar is here to help you with everything! Our team specializes in treating truck accident victims with compassion and fairness.


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We conduct comprehensive investigations to gather evidence, identify liable parties, and build a strong case on your behalf. This includes examining truck maintenance records, driver logs, and accident reports. For more information or to schedule a consultation, visit our website or call us today. Stay safe on the roads and remember, understanding "what is a No-Zone" can make all the difference.

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