When Depression Can Make You Disabled?

by Bill B. Berke on Sep. 04, 2020

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Summary: Not every depression patient can qualify for Disability for Depression. If you want to know when depression can cause disability and related information, give this blog a read.

The percentage of mental health issues is increasing significantly with the rolling of time. It is, in fact, taking over the percentage of physical health problems that are occurring. Many still tend to take the issue of Depression in a light mood. 


However, mental health experts state that Depression is one of the most realistic, widely occurring, and treatable ailments. The world is becoming more and more aware of the occurrences of mental health issues and especially Depression. 


The NIMH that is the National Institute of Mental Health reports that almost 16.2 million adults in the United States suffered from one severe depressive episode in the year 2016. 


This nearly represents 6.7 percent of the adult populace in the United States. The occurrences of Depression are mostly common among a particular age group. This includes the age groups from 18 to 25. This can extend to the people aged 40 to 50. But the matter of concern is that Depression as some darker sides as well, which can be severe. 


When Depression becomes scary and concerning?


Today, more than 264 million individuals of all ages suffer from Depression, globally. The percentage of individuals suffering from Depression is women who have often led to large percentages of suicide. 


You would also be astonished to know that Depression or relevant mental problems are also occurring among kids from the age of twelve. As the age proceeds to the teenage phase, it begins to get only worse.


There are many stages of Depression. The initial steps are often considered to impose minor effects. However, the severe stages are known to impact the biological, psychological, and environmental factors or aspects of the patient’s life. There have been varied causes of Depression, but in the twenty-first century, the reasons are almost doubled. 


Here are some of the inevitable causes of Depression and stress in today’s time. 


  • Post-pandemic impacts

  • Lack of social life

  • Financial barriers

  • Stressful events

  • Pressurizing and busy lifestyle

  • Consumption of fast food

  • Death or loss

  • Consumption of excessive medications

  • Rising personal life challenges

  • In some cases, there are no absolute reasons for Depression


There are many causes of Depression, but the above-mentioned ones are focused on the current lifestyle and situation. These causes have amplified the occurrences of Depression even more. Many can manage these stressful situations and events while some are not. This is when Depression leads to more deadly symptoms and outcomes, and one of them is a disability. 


Yes, Depression can lead to disability!


Again, as per a significant survey conducted by the NIMH, more than 10.3 million adults in U.S suffered from depressive disorders in the year 2016. Many suffer from mild symptoms, while some even get dependent and disabled due to it. In 2016, over 2 million of disabled patients were receiving Disability for Depression


The process of filing for depressive disability 


To qualify for SSDI, or the SSI benefits, your medical record requires satisfying at least one of these mentioned based on affective disorder criteria. The first criteria set to require a challenge in at least two of the following.




  • Social functioning

  • Activities of daily life

  • Ability to focus

  • Extended and repeated occurrences of degradation of your current condition


This part of the criteria includes resulting in one of the following outcomes:




  • Notable changes in sleeping and eating habits

  • Losing interest in regular life habits

  • Decreased levels of energy

  • Suicidal tendencies

  • Feelings of worthlessness and guilt

  • Hallucinations, paranoid thoughts and delusions


In case one fails to meet the criteria mentioned above, the following needs to be met;




  • You are no more able to be employed and contribute to your professional life.

  • You have a history of Depression that has lasted for about two years

  • Your symptoms are worsening, and you had repeated episodes of symptoms

  • You must sow proofs of your medical Depression;


However, apart from the above-mentioned criteria, your disability shall be assessed in many different ways by the SSI authority. A large percentage of the amount of benefit that you will get depends on the nature and severity of your cases. Hence, to make the best of your interests, it is wise to work with a disability attorney. 


There is no one better than an expert mind with similar case experiences that can help you maximize your disability benefits. They can walk you tough out the process of applications, arrange your documents, collaborate with medical professionals, and present your case on your behalf. 


Consult an experienced disability lawyer for extended legal help.

If you are applying for your disability benefit for Depression for the first time, feel free to contact the Social Security Disability Attorney Fort Myers from Berke Law firm, P.A. Explore the world-class legal service of disability applicants where you can get complete legal assistance. The team of lawyers and other staff members will evaluate the case extensively, analyze your loss accurately, gather all evidence and make sure you receive the benefits for your ailment.

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