Where Most Motorcycle Accidents Occur and What You Can Do to Prevent Them

by Christopher Hoffmann on Oct. 25, 2021

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Summary: Sadly, motorcycle accidents can occur anywhere and at any time. However, as we will discuss, some locations are more dangerous for motorcyclists.


According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), over 89,000 motorcycle accidents happen every year. Sadly, motorcycle accidents can occur anywhere and at any time. However, some locations are more dangerous for motorcyclists. Being aware of these locations can help motorcyclists reduce their chances of getting in an accident. 

Here are the most common places where motorcycle accidents occur.


1. Intersections

According to the NHTSA, almost 70% of motorcycle accidents take place at intersections. Common intersections accidents involving motorcycles include:


Rear-End Collision

A rider at an intersection waiting for the traffic lights to turn green is at a high risk of a rear-end collision. What’s more, unlike other vehicles, motorcycles generally don’t have a rear bumper to protect them from the force of a rear-end collision. As a result, the force of another vehicle hitting them from behind can dislodge the rider from the motorcycle, throw them right into the path of oncoming vehicles and expose them to severe and fatal injuries.


Left Turning Vehicles

42% of motorcycle intersection accidents happen when drivers turn left in the path of unsuspecting motorcyclists.  In most cases, these accidents result from motorists’ inattentiveness. As a result, they fail to see the motorcycle or misjudge how fast a motorcyclist is traveling and turn into their path of travel, causing an accident.



2. Freeways

Freeways are another common spot for motorcycle accidents. Motorcycle accidents are common in these spots as there’s more traffic and higher rates of speed. For example, a motorist may fail to check their blind spots, merge into lanes before checking for bikers, or negligently sideswipe a motorcyclist near their vehicle. As a result, the rider will likely lose control, crash, and may sustain severe injuries.


Additionally, motorcycles on freeways are also susceptible to crashes due to road conditions such as oil spillage, loose gravel, and potholes. Road debris such as blown tires also poses a severe risk to motorcyclists.



3. Two-Lane Roads

While two-lane roads are dangerous for any motorist, they are riskier for motorcyclists. These roads are often narrow, and a distracted or reckless driver may swerve into the opposing lane and cause a catastrophic head-on collision with an oncoming motorcycle.



What Should You Do After a Motorcycle Accident?

Despite your best efforts as a rider to be careful, vigilant, and stay out of blind spots, motorcycle accidents at these spots will likely happen. Sadly, when they happen, these accidents can cause you pain, damage your motorcycle, or even incapacitate you.


However, if your motorcycle accident happened due to another motorist’s negligence or distraction, you can generally hold the responsible party liable by filing an accident claim. Unfortunately, filing an accident claim is not as straightforward as you think, especially when pursuing it alone. The process can be long and complex. Also, the at-fault party’s insurance company will do everything in its power to minimize or deny your claim.


Seasoned motorcycle accident attorneys have vast experience dealing with motorcycle accident claims and can help take care of things you are unsure of. They also understand the inherent biases, prejudices, and stereotypes that motorcyclists face and can fight for your case to ensure that you are well-compensated.



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