Who May Be Responsible for Sexual Abuse?

by Paul A. Matiasic on May. 17, 2019

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Summary: Who May Be Responsible for Sexual Abuse?

In the world of personal injury law, not many people are aware of the fact that they can pursue legal action after being a victim of sexual abuse. This also means that they may not know of those parties who may be considered responsible for the damages that the victim sustains.

Knowing who may be considered responsible can help those affected by sexual abuse take the proper legal action and pursue compensation. Below, you’ll find some of the individuals who may be considered liable and the situations in which they may be responsible.

The responsible parties and situations may include:

  • Teacher: Unfortunately, both private and public schools are common locations in which sexual abuse occurs and it may be the teacher responsible. Even if they are not the one directly abusing the child, if the teacher knows about it, they may be accountable as well.
  • School: Similar to the situation above, those who run the school may be held accountable if they’re aware of the sexual abuse and do not take the proper action to stop it.
  • Medical Professionals: We expect healthcare professionals to care for us, but it’s not always the case. There are a number of situations in which medical professionals breach their patients’ trust and sexually abuse them.
  • Foster Parents: In many situations, foster parents may be held accountable for the damages sustained by a child who is in their care. This is more common when children which they are fostering have special needs, are permanent wards of the system, or when they are moved around rapidly from one home to another.
  • Caretaker: A caretaker may be responsible for sexual abuse in a day care or for adults with special needs. In child care centers, there have been an unfortunate increase in these types of situations over the past decade.

There are other individuals who can be held accountable, including camp counselors, friends, and even family members.

No matter who is accountable, our San Francisco sexual abuse lawyers work to represent those who have been sexually abused. Our goal is to help provide these individuals with hope, taking the action to pursue civil justice.

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