Who Needs a Will?

by Chester Lavester Banks on Jul. 18, 2017


Summary: Who Needs a Will?

If you love someone, you need a will. It is just that simple. Your will is for those persons who are the reason that you got up and dragged yourself out of your front door to trudge to work on all of those countless mornings. It is for those people that you have spent each day toiling away to provide for because you love them. It is for those people who made your daily homecoming complete, because without them your evenings and nights would have been empty and lonely. The other important estate planning documents can work for you if you become unable to care for yourself (such as: trusts and/or a power of attorney to manage your assets; and a medical power of attorney and an advance medical directive to provide for your healthcare). These documents can benefit you greatly during your lifetime; but, a will is purely for your loved ones. The provisions of your will are the last acts of caring which you will give to those whom you love. The will that you create will never see the light of day until after the day when you are no longer here to read it. By now you might be asking: "What's in it for me?" Well, you do get a lot out of completing your will. You get the peace of mind of knowing that those people who made your life complete will receive the sum of your life's work in the best way possible. You can know that it is your wishes, and not the determination of someone who knows neither you nor your loved ones, that will determine the distribution of your assets when you die. You can take great comfort in knowing that the people whom you love will receive exactly what you want to give to them without them having to pay some lawyer or court for deciding how (or even whether) your loved ones should receive what you worked so hard to achieve for them. When you sign your will you can know that the people who are dear to you will know that you did everything within your power to provide for them during your lifetime, even unto leaving careful instructions to help protect their well-being even when you are gone. Your will is a final proof for them of your loving intentions for them Here at Banks and Associates we never lose sight of the real reason for you to create your will. We can bring to your mind things of which you might not be aware but which could greatly impact those whom you leave behind. Our primary focus is to ensure that we assist you in discovering what are your intentions for your loved ones and that your wishes are recorded in a manner that the law will enforce. We have helped many, many people create a lasting testament to their love for their family and ensure that their family is protected in the manner which they would do if they could be here. We can help you find peace in knowing that your loved ones will be receive the fruits your life's work in a way that ultimately shows them how much you love them. The feeling of peace that you can experience when you sign your will is a feeling like none other. Please call us today so that we can do this for you.

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