Why a “Zero Tolerance” Drinking and Driving Policy Might be Best For You

by Christopher Hoffmann on Dec. 27, 2018

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Summary: Combining alcohol and driving is incredibly dangerous, which is why many experts recommend a “zero tolerance” policy.

Have you ever been unsure of whether or not you were okay to drive? What about a time where you planned to drive that night but ended up drinking too much? Unfortunately, many have found themselves in these difficult situations. The truth is that combining alcohol and driving is incredibly dangerous, which is why many experts recommend a “zero tolerance” policy. What this term means is that you do not drive after drinking, even if you had just one sip of alcohol.


Drunk Driving is Dangerous

The top danger of driving drunk is getting into an accident. Not only could you destroy your own health and property, but you could do the same to someone else. That result will cost you quite a bit of money and haunt your conscious for an extended period. There is no debate, intoxication on the road leads to tragedy.


It Also Leads to a DUI

If you drive drunk, you also put yourself at risk of getting a DUI. What you might not know about this infraction is that it is much more severe than most others. It could cost you thousands of dollars, get your license taken away, put you in jail, or lead to many other adverse outcomes. Getting a DUI could derail your life, so you should never risk driving drunk.


You Never Know How Intoxicated You Are

Part of the reason why zero tolerance is such a good policy is that you never truly know how drunk you are. While you can be confident in your sobriety if you have one sip of alcohol, people generally never do that. Instead, you might have two or three drinks and enter an intoxication level that is hard to define. If you do not have the discipline to get a ride home, you might end up hurting someone.


Many People are Prone to Binge Drinking

Some people can manage having one drink and moving on with their night, but others cannot. The truth is that drinking alcohol makes some want to drink more, and the result could be a dangerous level of intoxication.


The Availability of Sober Drivers

Not only are there cabs and friends that can take you home, but now we have rideshare services like Uber and Lyft. Getting a ride from a sober driver is easier than ever, which makes have a zero tolerance policy more realistic.

Ultimately, “better safe than sorry” is a smart approach when it comes to drunk driving. The reasons why are the ones we discussed in this article: The risks associated with this behavior, the fact that you never know how drunk you are, the temptation to binge, and the availability of safer options. Of course, you can follow these guidelines and still get hit by someone else. In this case, you’ll want to take stock of your situation with the help of a St. Louis auto accident attorney.

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