Why an Attorney should Review your Lease Agreement

by Robert P Dickson on Nov. 05, 2015

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Summary: Find out the information you need to know about lease agreements.

When you find the right space to live or conduct business, chances are that you want to sign the lease and move in as fast as possible. Unfortunately, this means that many individuals sign a lease agreement without having an experienced real estate attorney in Seattle review the lease or without even carefully reviewing it themselves. Too many residential and commercial tenants find out too late that their lease contained provisions that were largely in their landlord's favor and they end up evicted or paying additional costs as a result.

Landlords usually provide the leases

A landlord generally provides the lease agreement that both parties sign, which means the landlord had control over choosing exactly which terms were included and excluded. Like most individuals in business, landlords naturally want to look out for their own interests over a renter's and will generally draft a lease accordingly. This can put the renter at an immediate disadvantage if they do not recognize certain adverse terms of the lack of certain protections in the contract.

Legalese” can be complicated

Because a lease is a legal contract, many provisions are drafted using complex legal jargon that can be confusing even to some legal professionals. For this reason, even if you carefully review your lease prior to signing, you may not fully understand the implications of all of the terms. It is always important to have an attorney read any legal contract—including a standard lease—before you sign your name.

Contact our experienced real estate attorneys in Seattle today

Even though a lease agreement may not seem like an important matter, signing any contract that has potentially unfavorable terms can cost you time and expense. You should know that the location where you live or run your business is reliable and will be available to you if you keep up your end of the bargain. A skilled Seattle real estate lawyer can review a lease, identify any potentially problematic terms, and negotiate for changes if necessary. Do not risk losing your residential or commercial renter's rights, so please call the Dickson Law Group at 206-621-1110 for assistance today.

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