Why Choose a Non-Adversarial Divorce?

by David Betz on Jun. 11, 2017

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Summary: Collaborative divorce is a newer method of dispute resolution in family law.


Getting divorced can be a real nightmare, practically, financially and emotionally for many people. A non-adversarial divorce can help get through this traumatic phase with the least amount of upset and turmoil to your life. Our St. Louis divorce lawyer explains benefits of a collaborative divorce.



Keep calm



When you're served with divorce papers, or you've made the decision to divorce your partner because they were unfaithful or treated you badly, it can be easy to get upset or angry. At this time it's so important to keep your cool.



Try and keep things simple



Divorce can be expensive. Even if the case doesn't end in a trial, bills can quickly add up. If you and  your ex-partner are agreeable, a mediated divorce can get things sorted out quickly, amicably and cheaply. This style of divorce really can help to keep the stress levels down.



Keep yourself informed



Keep on top of all the information. A collaborative divorce will involve you both in the process and negotiations.



Do what is best for your children



Yes, this is your divorce, and you may be very upset, but you always need to put your children first. You need to do what is best for them. Unless you are legitimately worried about their safety with their other parent, then you shouldn't deny them access. They may grow up blaming you for their lack of relationship with their other parent. Try and make the process as easy on the kids as you can. Children can often take these things to heart, and may even blame themselves. Explain to them that it isn't their fault, and that everything is going to be okay. Do your best to avoid arguing with your ex in front of them, and don't put your ex down in front of them or to them. Whatever happens, that person will always be the mother or the father of your children.



Speak up for yourself



If something is discussed that you're not happy with, don't simply put up with it. This may be a financial settlement, or it may be related to custody of your children. If you are not happy, then it's really important to speak up now. Once the court has made a ruling, it is very hard to have this overturned at a later date.



Think of the future



This is especially important when you have children. You may have sorted out custody and visitation rights for the kids now, but you need to discuss what you will do when they are older. Having a plan in place now gives you peace of mind, and you'll know what is going to happen when that time comes.



Seek help

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