Why Is Finding a Personal Injury Attorney So Critical After a Car Accident?

by Greg Prosmushkin on May. 14, 2021

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Summary: If you have been in a car accident, the services of a personal injury lawyer New Jersey trusts can be important to you. Here, we discuss why seeking the assistance of a legal professional after a car accident might make all the difference.

You may be wondering whether an attorney can support you if you have been involved in a car accident. Every year, millions of traffic accidents occur on the world's highways. The bulk of these crashes could have been avoided, because one or more drivers involved had been at fault for causing the crash. Car accidents are unavoidable because there are so many vehicles on the road, and car accident attorneys are highly valuable in a crash’s aftermath. When you add in the number of distracted drivers and others who are driving under the influence, the odds of being involved in a car accident during one’s lifetime can skyrocket. Fortunately, the majority of automobile collisions are minor.


If you have been in a car accident, the services of a personal injury lawyer New Jersey trusts can be important to you. Here, we discuss why seeking the assistance of a legal professional after a car accident might make all the difference.


What Would My Auto Accident Attorney Do?

Although the details and complexities of your car accident case can vary, in general, an attorney can:

  • Communicate with the other driver's insurance provider

  • Assemble the facts needed to decide who is to blame for the accident

  • Keep your medical records and payments in order

  • Retrieve missing information and connect with your health care providers

  • Work with your physicians to ensure that they provide you with the medical evidence you need to prove your claim's damages


Your attorney can establish contact with the insurance adjuster for the other party (or parties) involved in any injury case. The adjuster has the money, so good communication and a good relationship with the adjuster are essential for a plaintiff's lawyer.


  • Obtain the Necessary Proof of Liability

A competent lawyer will help you obtain all of the facts necessary to establish liability in a car accident case. Even though you might have already taken photos of the accident scene, the lawyer will most likely return to see what it looks like. Although a picture is worth a thousand words, seeing the accident’s location first hand can be worth a thousand images.


Your lawyer will want to obtain all accident or police reports in the case and communicate with the investigating officers and witnesses regularly. When it comes to collecting proof of liability, a competent lawyer will leave no stone unturned. 


  • Acquire the Necessary Evidence of the Damages Incurred

This is where getting a good lawyer can help you win your case, especially if you have been involved in a car accident.


It is essential to retain all paperwork related to your injuries, but getting those documents and bills from health care providers is not always easy. Despite the fact that the records are legally yours and you have a legal right to them, sending medical records to patients and attorneys is not a health care provider's top priority. Small doctors' offices often lack the workforce or time to respond to medical record requests promptly. In order to respond to medical record requests, large hospitals may have complex protocols that must be followed. They will not respond to your request if you do not follow their protocols to the letter, which they often do not publicize well.


The records you receive may then be incomplete when the health care provider responds to the request. Any lawyer's secretary or paralegal will inform you that they often have to request the same documents several times and must follow up with the provider's office incessantly.


You will have to be able to show, by medical evidence, that you were injured to effectively pursue some form of lawsuit. The medical report must:

  • Describe your illness, impairment, or physical weakness in detail

  • Prove that the defendant's carelessness brought it on


Lien Holders and Arbitration

A lien may be placed on your claim if you have coverage from a health, disability, or workers' compensation provider. A lien ensures that the lien holder can collect money from any settlement or decision before you do. A successful lawyer would try to negotiate with the lien holder to have the lien reduced. This is critical work. A single dollar less that the lien holder takes from you is a dollar more in your wallet. 

A professional injury attorney who knows the system will be better able to navigate these kinds of issues. Obtaining a settlement is not always easy. Instead of giving you what is rightfully yours, insurance companies often try to undercut you or make you jump through hoops. Furthermore, the insurance companies’ adjusters may have a different viewpoint on the accident. A professional auto accident attorney who has worked with insurance agencies and the justice system for years knows what it takes to get you what you need and can better navigate the system than a beginner.


Deal With Insurers and Claimants

Negotiation is a unique ability, and some might even call it an art. A legal professional will be much better suited than a layperson at settling a car accident case. They will understand the value of an issue and how to execute negotiations to achieve the client's best possible result. 


There are several reasons why you should hire a car accident lawyer New Jersey trusts, but the most important one is that you and your life are valuable. As the hardworking lawyers seek damages on your behalf, you will have the opportunity to heal and recover.

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