Wide Turn Accidents With Semi-Trucks

by James M. Hoffmann on Jan. 07, 2014

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Summary: Drivers of large commercial trucks have a responsibility to operate their vehicle in a way that will not endanger others on the road.

Successfully driving tractor-trailers without incident requires extensive hands-on training and experience.  There is simply no comparison between driving a passenger car and driving an 80,000 pound semi.  One of the more difficult maneuvers a truck driver must learn to master is a right hand turn.  For a car, this is simple, but for a large truck it is a complicated procedure.  If not done right, other motorists and pedestrians could be seriously hurt or even lose their life.  If a member of your family has been hurt by a commercial truck in a turning accident, talk with a Missouri truck accident attorney. Trucking companies have an obligation to ensure their drivers abilities.  If they allowed someone with little experience to operate on of their vehicles, than they could be held liable for the injury.

Wide Turn Accidents

Working against the driver of an 18 wheeler is the trucks massive size and numerous blind spots.  In order to make a turn, they need to actually swing wide in the opposite direction first.  If it is particularly tight, they may actually turn into the second lane of traffic.  Another hazard is known as a squeeze, when a car traveling to the left of the truck is caught between the curb and vehicle as the truck has moved to its left.  If an injury causing accident occurs, lawyers for the truck driver will most likely try and place the blame on the passenger vehicle for not traveling at a safe distance from the semi.
If a truck driver underestimates the turn and does not swing out to the left enough, the back end of the trailer will not clear the corner.  At an intersection it will pass over the curb, colliding with anything in its path.  This is what happened to a Missouri bicyclist while he was waiting to cross a busy street.  The back axle of the truck hit the bicycle rider and pulled him underneath the back tires.  It took the driver a full block before realizing that he was dragging a human being down the street.  The injuries to the cyclist were fatal and his wife and sons filed a wrongful death suit against the driver and his company resulting in a $2 million settlement.  A more experienced truck driver would have known to allow himself more room on the right-hand side before starting the turn.

St. Louis Truck Accident Lawyer

Even though large commercial trucks are equipped with signs on their back end warning of their need for space when making a turn, some motorists do not heed those warnings and put themselves in harms way.  Large trucks are handicapped with many blind spots.  It is important to remember that if you are unable to see the driver in one of his mirrors, he more than likely cannot see you.  Take care to always travel a safe distance away from tractor trailers.  

Do not accept blame if you are involved in a wide turn accident with an 18 wheeler.   A third of all trucking accidents occur in their blind spots but they cannot use that as their defense.  Their responsibility is not to enter a space that they cannot see.  Contact a Missouri truck accident attorney to find out your legal rights and get you on the path to receiving your rightful compensation.

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