5 Common Injuries Sustained by Amusement Park Workers

by James M. Hoffmann on Nov. 17, 2021

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Summary: Here are five common injuries you may suffer as an amusement park worker.


When the summer season arrives, many people want to visit their favorite amusement park, ride the roller coaster, Ferris wheels or enjoy a water slide. For an amusement park worker, this is the busiest part of the year. You constantly have to keep guests comfortable and entertained. Sadly, with all the park buzzing with activity, it's extremely easy to get hurt. Here are five common injuries you may suffer as an amusement park worker.



1. Workplace Assaults

Every amusement park has its own rules and regulations. For example, it's your duty to advise guests against violating the park rules as an amusement park worker. Unfortunately, however, a violent or drunk guest may take this wrong and viciously attack you.


Additionally, if a fight breaks between guests, it's natural to come in and separate them. However, this exposes you to injury.



2. Falls      

High elevation rides often require you to repeatedly climb hundreds of dirty and wet stairs to inspect or ensure guests are safe. Given that you have to do this fast to meet the demand of eager attendees, you could trip, lose your balance, and fall. A fall from a roller coaster or star flyer could leave you with life-threatening head and spine injuries or worse.



3. Roller Coaster and Other Spinning Ride Injuries

Rollercoasters and spinning rides are meant to be thrilling and fun for riders. However, as an operator, these repeated rides may take a toll on your brain. Yes, these fast and aggressive rides may cause the blood vessels in your brain to rupture, causing dizziness or throbbing headaches. You could also develop tragic brain conditions such as subdural hematoma.


Additionally, the sudden jolting in the wooden roller coaster may cause severe damage to your back and neck tissues leading to herniated disc or whiplash injuries.



4. Water Hazards

Most amusement parks have pools, water slides, and rafting games. However, working around water is not easy and often has its share of shortcomings. For example, you could get injured and drown when trying to save a guest in distress.


Furthermore, continuous exposure to water bacteria and chemicals used to clean water may cause skin irritation or eye diseases.



5. Weather-Related Injuries

During summer, you generally have to work under ultraviolet sun rays for an extended period. As a result, you're exposed to dehydration and sun-related conditions such as actinic keratosis, heatstroke, leathery skin, cornea disease, or skin cancer.



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