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Florida Supreme Court Expands Rights of Biological Parents

Florida Supreme Court Expands Rights of Biological Parents.

Military Divorce

Key points in a military divorce.

Section 7 Expenses

Section 7 Expenses

Factors to Consider When Deciding Whether to Appeal

After the trial is over and you are unhappy with the outcome you need to determine whether or not to appeal the decision. There are certain factors that you should take into consideration before incurring the financial and emotional cost of an appeal. This article walks you through those factors.

Maryland Recognizes De Facto Parents

Maryland has set a standard by which courts can recognize the relationship of de facto parents in custody disputes.

The Ins and Outs of Immigration Laws and Procedures

The immigration trends are on the rise, and the experienced immigration lawyer NJ trusts can help you gain entry to the United States.

The Facts About Family Immigration Philadelphia Needs to Know

Family immigration laws change every year, and you must know the process in depth to secure a U.S. visa. Consult the experienced immigration lawyer Philadelphia trusts to learn more.

A QDRO is a Special Document for Dividing Retirement Accounts in Divorce

A QDRO (“Qualified Domestic Relations Order”) is a document that tells a retirement account administrator how they should divide a retirement account. Even if you are divorced and your divorce agreement explains how to divide a retirement account, a retirement account administrator will not take money out of a person’s retirement account unless they are given a QDRO.

Calculating the Present Value of a Pension for Division of Marital Property

There are two ways of dividing a pension in divorce. The future stream of payments can be shared or the pension participant can "buy out" the spouse at the time of divorce and keep 100% of the future payments. In order to "buy out" a spouse, you must calculate an actuarial present value of the pension.

Advantages of Online Divorce Mediation

Online divorce mediation has several advantages over in-person meetings: it is much more convenient, it facilitates collaborating on documents, it can ease the intensity of emotions, and it gives couples a wider choice of mediators.

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