How Do I Get Paid After an Accident? Ohio BWC Claims

by Andrew Tobergte on May. 02, 2016

Employment Workers' Compensation Accident & Injury 

Summary: When an employee is injured in the course of an arising out of his employment and has an allowed workers compensation claim (BWC claim), there are a number of ways he/she may be paid or receive compensation following the injury. The following are some of the most common ways:

Temporary Total Disability ("TT")

The most common way that injured workers are paid is thru what is called temporary total disability compensation or "TT". Currently, an employee who contracts an occupational disease or injures his neck, back, shoulder, ankle, or other body part is eligible for TTD if he/she misses more than seven days of work due to an allowed condition in his/her claim. The injured worker via his or her physician of record must continue to provide medical documentation to the BWC or self-insured employer certifying his or her temporary disability to continue to receive TT. (See C-84 form). If the worker is off work for more than ninety days, a medical exam may be scheduled and continued payment may be dependent upon the outcome thereof.

Bear in mind that the first twelve weeks of TT is paid out at a rate of 72% of one's "Full Weekly Wage" as defined by Ohio Revised Code 4123 and subject to a statewide maximum. Thereafter it is paid out at a rate of 66 and 2/3 percent of one's "Average Weekly Wage" and also subject to a statewide maximum. 

Wage Loss

Employees may also receive "wage loss" after being hurt on the job. This type of compensation is paid when an injured worker suffers a reduction in earnings as a result of restrictions from allowed conditions in a claim. There are two general types of wage loss benefits in Ohio work comp claims: Working Wage Loss and Non-Working Wage Loss. 

Living Maintenance

Living maintenance compensation is paid when an Ohio injured worker participates in a vocational rehabilitation ("voc rehab") program. 

An experienced workers compensation attorney can help you receive the compensation you deserve. 

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