Important Things You Must Do After a Work-Related Injury

by James M. Hoffmann on Dec. 23, 2014

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Summary: It is important that you take the greatest care to safeguard your rights to fair workers' compensation benefits.

Anyone who has suffered an injury at work understands the feeling of being overwhelmed, especially if the injury is serious and affects the ability to perform work-related duties. One thing an injured worker will need to consider is filing for workers' compensation benefits. Our Missouri workers' compensation lawyer suggests a few steps that every injured worker should take to safeguard their right to fair compensation.

Inform Your Employer or Supervisor

Missouri law requires every injured worker to inform the employer or supervisor about the work-related injury to be eligible for workers' compensation benefits. The moment you notify the employer about the injury, you set the ball rolling for the compensation process. Once receiving the notification, the employer informs the insurance company and the injured worker starts receiving the workers' compensation benefits.

File a Workers' Compensation Claim, Even if the Benefits Have Already Started

Notifying the employer about the injury is not a formal claim, even if you have already started receiving workers' compensation benefits. You need to complete an official claim form and file it with the Missouri workers' compensation commission. The injured employee must do this as soon as possible to avoid any problems related to benefits or eligibility that may emerge later on.

Make Sure to Seek Proper Medical Care

Immediately seek medical attention for your injuries and listen to the doctor's instructions. It is not just common sense to follow your doctor’s recommendation, but not doing so can jeopardize your workers' compensation claim. The insurer may cut short your benefits if you are caught going against the doctor’s recommendations. The insurance company may even use surveillance to catch a worker engaged in physical activity that he or she has been prohibited from doing by the doctor.

Do Not Talk to the Insurer

The actions of the insurance company are usually guided by their profit motives. The insurance company will look for reasons to deny or cut short the workers' compensation benefits. It is important that you do not do or say something that be used against you. It is better to let your attorney do the talking on your behalf.

Seek an Attorney’s Help When Required

If you have suffered a serious injury that prevents you from working, or if the insurance company has denied the benefits or stopped them suddenly, then you should immediately consult a Missouri workers' compensation lawyer. It is always a good idea to speak with a lawyer who offers a free initial consultation and focuses on helping injured workers. A Missouri workers' compensation attorney will negotiate with the insurance company effectively, as they are well aware of the way the insurance company operates.

Most people who are injured at their workplace have not dealt with the workers' compensation process before. The aforementioned tips can help get you started. It is important that you take the utmost care to safeguard your rights to fair compensation. Consult with The Law Office of James M. Hoffmann at (314) 361-4300 for a free consultation.

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