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Proving Repetitive Injury in a Workman’s Compensation Claim

by James M. Hoffmann on Mar. 13, 2015

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Summary: Your body can be affected by constant repetitive motions in ways that you are entirely unaware of for years. These types of workplace related injuries, known as repetitive injury can occur on the back, hands, elbows, shoulders and wrists.

Your body can be affected by constant repetitive motions in ways that you are entirely unaware of for years.

These types of workplace related injuries, known as repetitive injury can occur on the back, hands, elbows, shoulders and wrists. This is a difficult injury to file a claim for as there is typically no sudden accident that can be related to it.

If you have reason to believe you are being treating for a work-related repetitive injury and your employer has declined payment for the treatment, contact a Missouri workman’s compensation attorney. They will be able to help you gather the medical evidence you need to appeal their denial.

Why Repetitive Injuries Can Be Challenging

The obvious problem with a repetitive injury claim is that the symptoms are not immediately evident. It can take years for a painful back condition to develop or for tendonitis to show up in your elbow. The insurance company is likely to question the exact cause of the injury as there is no one solid event that can provide proof that it is workplace related.

Who is at Risk?

Factory, auto shop, and construction workers are all at risk for this type of injury for all of the heavy lifting that they perform day in and day out. It could take years for the affects of that strain to present itself, giving a workman’s compensation insurance company plenty of cause to deny your claim. A workman’s compensation attorney will be needed to help you appeal that decision and provide the supporting medical evidence to link your injury to your job.

Back injuries vary tremendously in severity from patient to patient and in many instances will require extensive therapy to correct. Some serious issues, such as a slipped disc, may even necessitate surgery. These types of treatments are often expensive and the recovery time long. Your Missouri workman’s compensation attorney will see to it that not only are your medical expenses paid for but that you also are compensated for the wages you lost.

Back pain is just one type of common repetitive injury facing a Missouri employee. Carpal Tunnel syndrome is an occupational hazard that will affect any worker who uses the same motions with their hands and fingers for extended periods of time. Typing, scanning and using certain types of machinery can all lead to this painful condition.

What You Can Do

If you are experiencing the pain that comes with a repetitive work place injury you must first speak to your employer to find a physician that works with their workman’s compensation insurance company. If a regular visit to your personal physician concluded with the diagnosis, bring those results to your employer as quickly as possible. You want to be sure that a reporting error on your part will not give your employer cause to deny your claim.

Consult with a Missouri workman’s compensation attorney if you are problems with your claim for a workplace related repetitive injury. They will stand by you during the appeal and make sure you have the evidence you need to get the compensation that you deserve.

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