Workers' Compensation and Knee Injuries

by James M. Hoffmann on Feb. 25, 2015

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Summary: Workers who are required to perform the same functions on a continual basis often suffer from what is known as repetitive motion injuries.

Workers who are required to perform the same functions on a continual basis often suffer from what is known as repetitive motion injuries.

It can be the constant movement of certain joints such as carpal tunnel syndrome or it could be from constant pressure to a part of the body such as bursitis of the knee. In either case you will need a St. Louis workers' compensation attorney to help you prove that the injury is in fact related to your work tasks.

Bursitis of the Knee

If the scope of your employment requires you to rest on your knees for long periods of time, such as a plumber or floor installer would have to, you could be causing a painful injury to the area without realizing it. The knee joint is surrounded by a protective sac of fluids, the bursa, that is necessary to keep the joint moving freely. Constant pressure to the sac could cause it to become inflamed, resulting in debilitating pain. Bursitis of the knee may require medical therapy and rest for it to heal, but severe cases may require surgery.

Case Study - Permanent Disability

For a St. Louis carpenter, the damage was so severe that it became a permanent disability to his knee. Three surgeries were required to repair the damage and he was unable to resume work. Proving to his employer that the injury was the result of his work required a special hearing with medical experts to testify on his behalf. In the end, the employer was required to pay for the surgeries and other medical care as well as future treatment as needed.

Why Do Employer’s Question the Cause of Knee Injuries?

In any situation when an injury is not directly caused by an obvious accident, the employer and the insurance company are going to look for a reason to deny the workers' compensation claim. They may look for a hobby or a day to day activity as the underlying cause of the injury and cancel your treatment.

Why You Need a St. Louis Workers' Compensation Attorney to Appeal

When workers' compensation benefits are terminated, the employee is given a certain amount of time to appeal the decision. The appeals process mirrors civil court proceedings as there is testimony given from both sides, the only difference being a panel of judges rather than a jury hearing the evidence. Most appeals will depend on a medical expert who can verify your claim and give a detailed description of how it is work-related, the best treatment plan, and your future prognosis.

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