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New Illinois Laws Target Senior Care Complaints
New Illinois Laws Target Senior Care Complaints Chicago Medical Malpractice Lawyers
How Annuities Are Treated under New York State Medicaid
Applicants for nursing home Medicaid in New York State must disclose any interest they or their spouse has in an annuity. How does such an annuity affect Medicaid eligibility?
What Should You Do With Your Disabled Child’s 529 Plan?
What can you legally do with a 529 college savings plan for your disabled child, if it now appears unlikely that he or she will attend college after all? Can you leave the money in the plan, or use it for something else? What taxes or penalties apply?
The Psychology of the Pretrial Identification Procedures: The Showup is Showing Out and Undermining the Criminal Justice System
A review of the pretrial identification procedure, the showup, in comparison to the line up and the ramification against the potential suspect of utilizing this method outside of exigent circumstances.
PArt two of SUmmary JUdgement in Civil cases
Summary Judgement in certain Civil cases.
Contractors Reporting Business Benefits from Construction Safety Programs
Every year, millions of construction workers in the United States are injured on the job.
An Interview with Laurence Tribe
Frank Housh interviews Harvard Law Professor Laurence Tribe about his book "Uncertain Justice"
Using The Most Favorable Standard of Review For Your Appeal
Understanding how to shape your appeal in order to use the most favorable Standard of Review and have the best chance for success.
Ensuring ADA Compliance at Your Place of Business
Understanding the ADA in order to protect your place of business from unwanted litigation and ensure compliance.
West Palm Beach Nursing Home Abuse
Do you have concerns about how your loved ones are being treated in a nursing home? Perhaps you feel that they do the best they can, but that does not necessarily mean that their patients are being treated the way they need to be.
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